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Akira Warabi (蕨明 Warabi Akira), or Wallaby (わらびー Warabī), is a classmate of Kokoro's who, before his death, was quite popular with girls at his school. After he and his family are killed in a car accident, his guardian angel, Lalilalulala, transfers his soul to a stuffed wallaby made by Kokoro. Until he can be returned to human form, he is forced to remain in Kokoro's care. He is shy, humble, patient, and good at video games. He is also slightly sarcastic at times and very pleasant and polite, unbefitting his appearance as a stuffed animal. Kokoro once suggested that he should start adding "Walla" to the end of his sentences so that they would sound cuter, but Wallaby declined. Wallaby is also somewhat dirty-minded as shown by the fact that he often tries to sneak a peek of Kokoro's naked body, when she is undressing or when in the bath. This makes Kokoro furious. Kokoro's relative Emi took a liking to Wallaby right away and took him to her house, an arrangement that Wallaby had mixed feelings about: He disliked being played with in Emi's violent manner – reminiscent of Kokoro's – but he nearly changed his mind when he was allowed to bathe with Emi and her young pretty mother. However, when he remembered the beginning of his and Kokoro's relationship, he told Emi that he wanted to go back to Kokoro, which he ultimately was allowed to do.

Akira Warabi

Akira Warabi when he was still alive.

The relationship between Wallaby and Kokoro is complicated – it is unknown whether Wallaby knows of Kokoro having had a crush on him. When Kokoro suggests that he should start calling her the friendlier Kokoro-chan instead of the more formal Kosaka-san, Wallaby seems happy that they have grown so close, but Kokoro angrily insists that she only said so because informal language suited a stuffed animal better. Though he is displeased that Kokoro allowed him to stay at her house under such unsatisfying conditions, including having to spend most of his time in her drawer, and having to endure her short temper and violent outbursts.

Wallaby was last seen when he and Kokoro made a cameo appearance during the cultural festival in the first volume of Azumanga Daioh. In the anime, Kokoro was replaced by a somewhat similar-looking girl and Wallaby did not appear at all.


  • Warabi was supposedly born in 1983.[1]
  • Nobody seems to call him by his first name.


  1. The Azumanga Daioh' chapter in which Warabi and Kokoro visit the cultural festival at her friend's school takes place in November 1999, when they were in their second year of high school. While Warabi's birth month is unknown, he should be a year older than the Azumanga Daioh cast, as most Japanese first-year students are 15 and most second-year students are 16. 1983 is 16 years prior to 1999.