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Asagi Ayase
Yotsubato v04 c26 p01
Japanese 綾瀬 あさぎ
Romanized Ayase Asagi
Gender Female
English voice actor None
Japanese voice actor None

Asagi Ayase (綾瀬 あさぎ Ayase Asagi) is the eldest of the three Ayase sisters.



Asagi as she appears in "Try! Try! Try!".

Asagi first appeared in the one-shot manga and webcomics called "Try! Try! Try!" drawn by Kiyohiko Azuma, along with several other characters who later made reappearances in Yotsuba&!. Asagi's looks and personality were practically the same. In Try! Try! Try! Asagi is introduced as a second-year university student, but in Yotsuba&! what grade she is in is unknown.

Appearance and Personality[]

Asagi lives at home while attending a nearby university. She is depicted as an attractive young woman who enjoys teasing people, especially her parents. She has long, light brown hair and a slim physique. She is the best of her family at managing Yotsuba Koiwai and her mother claims that Asagi was much like Yotsuba when she was young. Asagi's irreverence may have come from her mother's teasing when she was a child — for example, when Asagi found a four-leaf clover, Mrs. Ayase asked for a five-leaf clover instead, which Asagi could not find. She may or may not have a boyfriend, though she seems to be quite close to her best friend Torako. Jumbo and Yanda are both attracted to her due to her good looks but she shows no interest in them. Asagi also has a hidden talent for making and repairing teddy bears, and she got to do a heroic deed in volume 11 when she repaired Yotsuba's beloved bear Juralumin. In volume 14, Asagi makes Yotsuba a princess dress from trash bags.

Yotsuba looks up to Asagi, and initially calls her "the good-looking one" while she refers to Fuuka as "the not-so-good-looking one."


Asagi is 165 cm (5'5'') tall.[1]