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Screenshots from the game

AzuBeach (あずびーち Azub​īchi) is a fanmade EasyGameStation game for PC. It is from 2002. It is based on the Azumanga Daioh anime and manga and features the characters facing each other in volleyball matches. It is possible to play during different times of day and as the characters Chiyo, Osaka, Tomo, Yomi, Sakaki, and Kagura. Each of those characters can also serve as judges, as can Yukari, Nyamo, Kimura, Kimura's Wife, and Kaorin. In addition, Chiyo-chichi is a playable character. The characters' capacity generally reflects their canon athleticism, with the exceptions of Osaka and Chiyo who are decent players in the game version. The latter is helped by Tadakichi-san by sitting on his back to make up for her height.

When acting as judges, the characters have different preferences: Osaka likes slow games, as does Kimura's wife. Kimura's wife tends to side with losing sides and Chiyo. Sakaki is also soft on Chiyo. The two of them are otherwise average judges. Sakaki gets, unsurprisingly, very high scores from Kaorin.

Meanwhile, Tomo, Kagura and particularly Yukari all like offensive games. Yomi is fond of technical games but is hard on her friend Tomo. Nyamo dislikes any attempts at rule-breaking, and Kimura's way of judging differs from that of the others.

You can play with multiple characters at once for a combo, as well as using a computer partner. The game is all in Japanese.


  • Exactly when this game takes place is unknown, since Chiyo has her first hairstyle, yet Tomo has her third. The summer episode of third Year was Episode 22, which by then, Chiyo had her second hairstyle. Then again, this game may take place in the period between second and third years.