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Differences between the Azumanga Daioh: The Animation episodes and their manga chapter counterparts.

Episode 1[]

The scene where Chiyo sings a song about making desserts and stuffed animals does not appear in the manga.

Episode 2[]

Osaka's monologue about her feelings on transferring to Tokyo and her comparison of Tokyo and the Kansai region is anime exclusive, as well as the scene where she washes her hands. Also, in the manga, it is Yomi who asks her about her eye floaters, not Kaorin. Osaka gets hiccups much later in the manga, so Tomo mostly takes on Kagura's role here.

Episode 3[]

In the manga, Chiyo is never actually seen receiving her swimsuit. Tomo's mold aliens story does not appear either, and neither does the basketball scene or the bear sculpture that the teachers argue about. Nyamo's uncle is not even mentioned in the manga. In this episode, Nyamo points out that Yukari uses her chopsticks incorrectly, while Kimura was the one who did this in the manga.

Episode 4[]

The scene where the size of the girls' breasts is compared to nationality is not in the manga, though there are similar sequences that are not in the anime. Osaka does not try to swim by being a corpse, and there is no swimming competition between Nyamo, Yukari and their students. In the manga, it is Yukari and Nyamo who first discover that Kimura donates to charity, and the money is collected by two younger men. Kimura never recycles in the manga.

Episode 5[]

The scene where Sakaki and Osaka discuss hemorrhoids is much less elaborate in the manga. They do not get into seals or puffer fish. Osaka does not try to scare Chiyo with a firecracker, either.

Episode 6[]

Tomo and Kaorin never argue about whether it's better to be cute or cool in the manga, and Osaka never kicks off her shoe so that it lands on a truck.

Episode 7[]

In the manga, Kimura actually gets to present his suggestion for what uniform the Class 3 students should wear during the festival, while he does not here. In the anime Kaorin comes to Chiyo's house to prepare for the festival and the cat costume is shown to be modeled after Osaka's body, but neither of these events occur in the manga. Also, no one is seen buying Sakaki's plushies in the manga, and the girls never go on a walk after the festival with Tomo wearing the cat costume.

Episode 8[]

Tomo's New Year's dream is much shorter in the manga. She does not rescue kittens, knock out robbers or win beauty contests in the original version. Sakaki has two New Year's dreams in the manga (one during her first year and one during her second). In her second dream, she comes to Chiyo's house, but in the anime this is part of the New Year's dream during her first year. Also Kaorin's New Year's dream is not in the manga at all, and she doesn't accompany the others to their shrine visit either (Kaorin was not even seen in the corresponding manga chapters).

Episode 9[]

No footage from the movie Sakaki watches is seen in the manga, though it is acknowledged that it is a moving story about a cat. In the manga the children who saw Sakaki crying in the theatre were actually Chiyo and her friends Miruchi and Yuka, and Chiyo didn't know Sakaki well at that point. In the manga Chiyo does not wear a cat costume, but carries around a huge stuffed bunny. The cat notebook or mechanical toy cat are not in the manga, and it is not seen which presents that Tomo or Yomi gave Chiyo, unlike in the anime. In the manga, Tomo roots for the Chunichi Dragons instead of the Hanshin Tigers. The girls never go to the park at sundown in the manga either.

Episode 10[]

In the manga, Kaorin does not try to predict whether Sakaki will be in her class the next school year. While Kagura and Sakaki are conversing in the manga, they are not followed by a huge crowd, and Tomo does not decide to eat lunch early. Since the event involving the kitten occurs much earlier in the manga, Kagura is not present.

Episode 11[]

Sakaki's dream about cats on a meadow is not in the manga.

Episode 12[]

Chiyo does not encounter Miruchi and Yuka on the way to school in the manga, and they never discuss jump rope. Tomo does not theorize that Yukari wants to buy a video game and therefore is late to class, the girls do not go to the cafeteria, and the sequence when Sakaki and Chiyo watch children jump rope and thereafter do it with their friends is not in the manga either. At the end of the episode, it is shown what the girls do in the evening, but in the manga it is only shown what Chiyo does.

Episode 13[]

Unlike here, Yomi never calls Tomo, Kagura, and Osaka knuckleheads in the manga; it is Kagura who jokingly calls Tomo and Osaka knuckleheads, and Osaka does not get insulted. The sequence where the "Knuckleheads" are formed is much shorter. Tomo calls Bruce Lee "Blue Three" but the others do not, and Yomi corrects her. After the exam, Kaorin's and Chihiro's scores are not revealed. Furthermore, Osaka's and Yukari's conversation about wearing shoes indoors is also much shorter.

Episode 14[]

In the manga, Kaorin's reaction to not going to Chiyo's summer house is never shown, and Nyamo and Yukari do not compare raw ham with melon to sweet and sour pork with pineapple in the manga version.

Episode 15[]

Kimura does not draw Chiyo's cheerleading outfit, and the cavalry battle does not appear in the manga.

Episode 16[]

In this episode the battle between Kamineko and Neco Coneco imagined by Tomo is much more elaborate; Sakaki does not draw a background for it in the manga. Neither does Chiyo exercise in the penguin costume or do Nyamo and Yukari discuss how the latter has a cute student in her class but the former doesn't. Furthermore, the penguin costume is designed by Kaorin and Chihiro here, but it is never mentioned who designed it in the manga. In the manga Chiyo goes to see the other exhibitions alone and not in her penguin costume, so the event of her being fed by Osaka never occurs.

Episode 17[]

It is never proposed that Santa could be a subterranean or come from the bottom of the sea in the manga. Also, Chiyo was impressed and agreed with what Osaka said about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in the original version, but here she only seems to be confused by it (possibly acting as a substitute for Yomi who had a similar reaction in the manga).

Episode 18[]

Sakaki says here that she has never flown in an airplane, but in the manga she does not and it is revealed when the Okinawa trip is coming up that she has. Also, the scene where Yomi eats udon is prolonged – originally, Tomo simply said she didn't think Yomi could eat it without splattering it, but here Yomi proves her wrong and Tomo goes on a rampage. It was also Chiyo who informed the others about Magical Land, not Osaka. The scene where Yomi buys the guidebook is not included in the manga and neither is it shown why she caught a cold. Kagura is not with the girls when they go on the trip, unlike here. In addition, Yomi does not get a mug featuring her friends riding a roller coaster and it is not shown what her actual souvenir is. The Magical Land mascot only appears in the anime, and so does the snowball fight. Thus, in the manga Yomi does not get a second cold.

Episode 19[]

This is a filler episode that is not based on any manga content at all.

Episode 20[]

In the manga, Kimura does not put on a hat and sing "Happy Birthday" to himself. Tomo says she wants to look like Ryoko Hirosue, not Ayumi Hamasaki. Furthermore, in the manga only Tomo and Osaka discuss the police, and they do this when they are out walking and actually encountering the police. Kaorin does not meet Kimura's wife and Kimura is never shown to have a garden on the school grounds, unlike here.

Episode 21[]

The scenes where the girls go sightseeing at Okinawa are not as elaborate in the manga. In the manga, the girls go to the beach as well, where Tomo wants to smash a watermelon again and Osaka throws sea cucumbers at Yomi. This does, however, not occur in the anime. Also, in the manga Tomo is not shown buying the souvenirs she repeats the names of to annoy Yomi, only looking at them.

Episode 22[]

In this episode, the line "[something] is flying …" is used as a running gag, said by various characters, but it is not in the manga at all. Here, Osaka falls asleep while studying and wakes up with an evil grin, which she doesn't in the manga. The "waking Yukari up with a knife" sequence is shorter in the manga; and afterwards she is not shown realizing she held a knife in her hand instead of a frying pan. Neither does she throw the knife at Chiyo, unlike here where it is implied she does. In the manga, Chiyo only tries to "motivate" Tomo and Yukari – Osaka was only convinced that it was in fact a summer service day for a short amount of time.

Episode 23[]

Yukari does not try to explain by using Osaka and calling her "Mr. Yukichi" in the manga. During the costume race, Chihiro dresses up as the character of the same name from Spirited Away in the manga but not here.

Episode 24[]

In the manga Tomo doesn't encounter Kamineko, and the scenes where Sakaki and Chiyo are in the latter's bedroom are not included. Thus, Sakaki doesn't explicitly tell Chiyo that she likes cute things in the manga, though it seems that Chiyo understands it anyway, and Chiyo does not call her cute.

Episode 25[]

Here, Osaka tries to get her friends to pass their exams by splitting chopsticks cleanly, but she doesn't know how to do it herself and Chiyo-chan teaches her how to do it in front of their friends. However, in the manga Chiyo taught her this in the cafeteria earlier and Osaka already knew how to do it when it was time to do the exams.

Episode 26[]

The scenes where Nyamo's and Kimura's classrooms are shown are not in the manga. Thus, Kimura's farewell speech is never seen and he doesn't say that he and Kaorin will be together forever.