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Episode 06
Ep 6
Air date May 13, 2002
Written by Tomoyasu Okubo
Directed by Higashi Suehiro
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Equation for Victory / Sakaki of Class 3, Kagura of Class 5 / Runaway Victory / Yay / Dancing the Grand Finale (Japanese: 「勝利の方程式」 「三組の榊、五組の神楽」 「ぶっちぎり」 「わーい」 「踊る大団円」) is the sixth episode of Azumanga Daioh.


AD Ep 6

Sakaki racing against Kagura.

The athletics carnival is soon approaching. Yukari tells her class to only think about winning, especially against Nyamo's class, promising them juice if they win. On the day of the athletic carnival's arrival, Yukari attempts to sabotage Nyamo's star student, Kagura, by offering her an anpan, but she is caught by Nyamo in the process. Sakaki defeats Kagura in the 400 meter dash. Chiyo and Osaka have poor teamwork in the three-legged race and constantly falls onto their faces. Nyamo's class defeats Yukari's class in the tug-of-war. Since Chiyo claims she has not done anything to help the rankings of her class, she is assigned to be a cheerleader. Sakaki closely wins the baton relay over Kagura. Afterwards, the school participates in a folk dance together. Kaorin is delighted when she gets to dance with Sakaki. However, her mood quickly reverses when she gets Kimura as her next partner. Because Yukari's class won the athletics carnival, Nyamo gives Yukari ten thousand yen. Nevertheless, Nyamo takes the money back due to money Yukari owes her, as the latter escapes the situation of being unable to pay for juice for her class.

Adapted From[]

Azumanga Daioh Volume 1/Chapter 08


  • Like before, Tomo showcases how competitive she is, intending to win at everything during the festival.
  • Kaorin refers to her admiration of Sakaki's athletic abilities.
  • Yukari competes with Nyamo's Class 5 again, which her own class does not find surprising.
  • Just like in episode 5, Osaka is unable to stretch properly, and Yomi, in contrast, extremely flexible.
  • Previously Kagura was seen educated by Minamo Kurosawa, and here it is confirmed that she belongs to the swim team.



Cultural References[]

  • The school sports festival, a common event in Japanese schools. Teams are formed differently, depending on how each school does it. Sometimes, teams are simply classes and sometimes it is more complicated than that. During the sports festival most of the events will be competitive, and the teams will play against one another for points to see who can accumulate the most throughout the day. Teams assign people to each event and strategize to put their best people in certain events to maximize their probability of winning. Competitive events range from traditional foot races to other more unusal physical activities, such as ball tossing and cavalry battles. There are also some noncompetitive events which are merely for exhibition, such as the cheerleading and team gymnastics.
  • Basket scramble is a sport where there are lots of small balls, usually colored red and while, and the goal is to get as many of them into a basket located fairly high up. With two teams tossing in a free for all, the competition is to see which teams put more of their colored balls into the basket by the end of the time limit. Meanwhile, cavalry battle is an event where three people form a base and one person rides on this base, resulting in a "cavalry" unit. Teams will form into the units and go at each other. Each rider will have a headband in their team color, and the goal is to take these headbands from their opponents. Whichever team is the last to still have their headbands in tact is the winner.
  • Yukari says she only has one word for her class. In Japanese, she says that she has two kanji for them, since the word "victory" is made up of two kanji (Chinese characters).
  • Chiyo says she will make a teru teru bozu weather doll for luck on the day of the festival. This is a simple doll that people put in their windows as a charm to keep the rain away the next day. It resembles a ghost – something round wrapped in white cloth or tissue and tied off so the round part of the head and the rest of the cloth or tissue becomes the body. There is a children's folksong about this, where one of the lines says that the its head will be chopped off if it doesn't keep the rain away.
  • Osaka kicks her shoe off to predict the weather. Traditionally, this was done using a geta, which is a Japanese wooden clog. Since geta are square, they can also land on their sides, giving the fortune more dimensions. However, since few people wear geta these days, people do this with regular shoes and use a more simplified version of the fortune telling, where it will be clear if it lands upright and if it lands upside down, it will rain.
  • Osaka wonders what "O-S." means. This comes from the French phrase, "Ho! Hisse!", which roughly translates to "Heave-Ho!". The phrase is truncated to "O-S" in Japanese because the "H" is silent in French. 
  • A lot of people take photographs of Chiyo and the others when they participate in the cheerleading event.
  • In the next episode preview, Chiyo says there was no cultural festival in grade school. Cultural festivals are generally for middle and high school. Elementary schools have performing arts day, where each class prepares some sort of presentation, such as a play or singing in chorus, which would be done on stage in the school auditorium. Different traditional dances are also mentioned: Folk dancing has become a tradition for Japanese school sports festivals, and at festivals held during the summer, the Bon Dance is generally the customary dance. However, cultural festivals do not have a dance associated with it, and Tomo's "Culture Dance" is purely fictional.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Whether Osaka really thought there was a difference between sports festivals in Tokyo and the Kansai region.
  • What exactly Yukari thought her class should do in order to win.
  • What happened to the shoe Osaka kicked off which landed on a truck passing by (the scene inspired the Internet meme Osaka Shoe Kick).
  • What Kaorin and Chihiro were giggling at when they were approached by Yukari.

Memorable Moments[]

  • All of a sudden, Kimura informs his students of his preference for girls tucking their shirts into their gym shorts, but when a male student asks what is better for the boys, Kimura doesn't understand what he is talking about.
  • Osaka kicks her shoe off to predict the weather for the athletic competition the next day, only for it to land on a truck. Osaka and Chiyo's faces tell all as Sakaki runs afoul of Kamineko again.
  • Kimura's speech simply consists of him shouting "FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!"
  • Kagura is formally introduced after making a cameo in the previous two episodes.
  • Thanks to Sakaki, Class 3 finally wins the festival, after competing with Kagura in the relay race.
  • Kaorin gets to dance with Sakaki, and later Kimura, causing very different reactions.
  • Yukari promised her class juice if they won, and when Nyamo is about to hand her the money, she takes it back because Yukari owed her ¥10,000 from before, making it impossible for Yukari to keep her promise and treating her own class to juice instead.


16px-Quote1 What on earth are you talking about? We're in the middle of class! 16px-Quote2
Kimura (to a male student, when asked if boys should be tucked in)
16px-Quote1 You have to beat Sakaki-san. Sakaki-san's good at any and every sport, there's no way you can win! [dreamily] Ohhhh!! I just know she's going to be totally cool out there!!! 16px-Quote2
Kaorin (to Tomo)
16px-Quote1 Hah! Then I'll just have to compete with my cuteness!! 16px-Quote2
Tomo (to Kaorin)
16px-Quote1 FIRST PLACE!!!!!! 16px-Quote2
Kimura, during the opening ceremonies; this was his entire speech
16px-Quote1 In any case, think about winning no matter what!! You are free to use whatever means you feel are necessary!! 16px-Quote2
Yukari (to her class)
Yukari (to Nyamo, when told her class also had a star athlete)
16px-Quote1 Okay, everyone!! Now listen up! We win today no matter what! Don't get any soft ideas that the sports fest is just a game and drag everyone down. 16px-Quote2
Yukari (to her class)
16px-Quote1 Oh! That 10,000 you borrowed? I'll take it back thank you. 16px-Quote2
Nyamo (to Yukari)