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Azumanga Daioh
Episode 07
Ep 7
Air date May 20, 2002
Written by Aya Yoshinaga
Directed by Yuki Miyoshi
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Fairyland Class / Man of Character / Go with Enthusiasm! / The Mascot / Enemy? (Japanese: 「おとぎの組」 「人格者」 「のりのりゴー!」 「マスコット」 「敵?」) is the seventh episode of Azumanga Daioh.


AD Ep 7

Chiyo, in her capacity as class president, asks the class what they want to do for the upcoming cultural festival. Yukari says that conventional and orthodox ways mark the death of intellect, and Chiyo comes up with a suggestion box. A stuffed animal exhibition is drawn from the suggestion box. Kimura attempts to give his own suggestion but is silenced by Tomo. Chiyo introduces her dog, Mr. Tadakichi, to Sakaki, who becomes content when she pets him and is awed to see that Chiyo can ride him. On the day of the arrival of the cultural festival, Tomo wears a cat suit and runs around the school in it to advertise the exhibition. Throughout the day, Sakaki helps students buy stuffed toys from the exhibition. After the cultural festival, Yukari's class celebrate on their huge success.

Adapted From[]


  • Osaka suggests that her class could have a sports festival of their own.
  • Nyamo refers to hers and Yukari's time as classmates.



Cultural References[]

  • The school cultural festival in this episode. During the cultural festival, students take on various projects. Some set up food and drink booths, others set up events like a shooting range, and yet others will put on displays of what they've been working on in their clubs. People also put on performances with band and theatre troupes. These groups can be clubs, classes, sports teams (like here, where the swim team have their own booth), any cohesive group of students, and many students will be part of more than one group. Basically, students take about a week or so and do nothing but prepare for this festival. This idea is to have fun, but to also learn organization skills, since almost everything is left up to the students.
  • Tomo has trouble spelling "coffeehouse". Unlike English, which has a phonetic alphabet system (where you can roughly guess how a word is spelled, even if you don't actually know it), when writing in Chinese characters in Japanese, you either know it or you don't. There is no way to guess how it would be written if you do not remember how to write it. At the chalkboard, Tomo can't remember how to write the first Chinese character in "coffeehouse" and Chiyo helps out by writing it for her lower on the chalkboard.
  • Sakaki's idea of collecting the students' stuffed animals and showing them off to others.
  • A boy in the class says he won stuffed animals at the arcade.
  • This episode title ("Fairyland Class"), which Class 3 names their exhibition, is actually a pun. In Japanese, this title reads otogi no kumi, where kumi means "class". However, if this was otogi no kuni, it would be the standard phrase meaning "fairyland", where kuni means "land" or "kindgom". Thus, literally, the title means "Fairyclass". Though the pun does not work in English.
  • Osaka names two of the stuffed animals for sale as "Tsutenkaku" and "Hanshin". Tsutenkaku is a tower, and it is a famous landmark in Osaka. Hanshin is the name of a railway company, which owns the Hanshin Tigers, the baseball team in Osaka. It is also a general nickname for the area comprising Osaka and Kobe, based on alternate readings of the kanji in the cities' names.
  • Chiyo uses a camera to take pictures of people wearing the cat costume.
  • Yukari suggests burning the stuffed animals for a memorial. It is a partial reference to the tradition of burning much of the product of hard labour during a cultural festival. The idea is that after having put all that hard work into building booths and displays, they are no longer needed afterwards. However, it seems disrespectful just to dump them in the garbage, so it is considered better to burn it all at the end. Of course, this is not any sort of memorial service. For a memorial service, one might burn things having to do with the person who passed away, but since this is unrelated to the cultural festival, Yukari is completely off base here. In addition, the stuffed animals are people's belongings, not the product of their hard work for the culture fest. To burn them would be considered strange, which explains the students' reactions.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Why Osaka wanted a personal sports festival.
  • How the "legend of the comment box", as referred to by Tomo, went.
  • Kimura's costume idea is not thoroughly explained in the anime adaption, as opposed to the manga version.
  • The reason Kokoro Kosaka and Wallaby had their cameos excised for the adaptation.
  • For how long Sakaki really did pet Tadakichi-san.
  • What happened during Yukari's previous cultural festivals.
  • How Kimura managed to get into the costume without anyone noticing.

Memorable Moments[]

  • The lengthy decision process of the class, unable to come up with original ideas, until Sakaki helps the others make up their mind by suggesting a stuffed animal exhibit anonymously.
  • Tadakichi-san is introduced and in him, Sakaki finally finds an animal she can pet without it biting her. From the looks of it, she pets him for hours, with Chiyo-chan becoming more and more bothered by how late it's getting.
  • Tomo putting on the cat costume, running around scaring fellow students including Yomi.
  • Chiyo frightening others in the costume which is far too large for her.
  • The exhibit becomes a great success, with many visitors and sold stuffed animals.


16px-Quote1 No, no! Going with the standard and orthodox is the death of intellect, Chiyo! Why not try something out of the ordinary? For example, you could … ummmmm … hmm. [long pause] A café is a great idea! 16px-Quote2
Yukari (when the only suggestions for the festival were a café or a haunted house)
Kimura (after he is told his ideas for the exhibit are unwelcome)
16px-Quote1 Of course! Tadakichi-san is a man of character, so he never gets angry! 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (when Sakaki asked if she could pet her dog)
16px-Quote1 Oh! Well, actually I can! 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (when Sakaki said you could almost ride Tadakichi-san)
16px-Quote1 Well, it's not like it's bad or anything, but I just don't think you're wearing it that well. 16px-Quote2
Tomo (to Osaka, on the big cat costume)
16px-Quote1 Please, talk to your girls, Kurosawa-sensei. I mean, don't you find it rather odd? This is the swim team's booth and no one's in a swimsuit! 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 I wish you happiness … 16px-Quote2
Sakaki (when one of her stuffed animals was bought)
Yukari (to Nyamo)
16px-Quote1 Good job people!! Yes, great work everyone!! Now, let's take … these stuffed animals … and burn them all!! 16px-Quote2
Yukari (to her class)