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Azumanga Daioh
Episode 08
Ep 8
Air date May 27, 2002
Written by Ichiro Okouchi
Directed by Makoto Nagao
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Osaka's New Year's Dream / In Tomo-chan's Case / In Sakaki's Case / Welcome / In Kaorin's Case (Japanese: 「大阪の初夢」 「ともちゃんの場合」 「榊の場合」 「ようこそ」 「かおりんの場合」) is the eighth episode of Azumanga Daioh.


AD Ep 8

Chiyo Chan's maid "A Penguin".

Osaka dreams of Chiyo flying using her pigtails as propellers. When Osaka takes Chiyo's pigtails off her head, Chiyo collapses. Osaka panics, attaches Chiyo's pigtails to her head and flies away. Meanwhile, Tomo dreams about herself being a heroic high school student, winning beauty contests and scoring fulls marks in a test while Chiyo and Yomi score zero marks. At the same time, Sakaki dreams about meeting Chiyo, who introduces a cat to her but the cat identifies himself as Chiyo-Father. She also dreams about being invited to Chiyo's house to have dinner with Chiyo and Chiyo-Father. Kaorin dreams about being rescued by Sakaki from the yakuza (consisting of Tomo, Osaka, Yomi and Chiyo). Her dream is interrupted by her mother waking her up to meet her friends at a shrine for New Year's Day. When the group assembles, they remember that Chiyo were in their respective dreams. Yomi comes along to see Chiyo frantically asking what she was like in their dreams.

Adapted From[]


  • Chiyo tells Osaka that she is ten years old.
  • In Tomo's dream, she is constantly the center of attention, just like she wants to be.
  • The ones who get bad scores in this episode are the ones who usually get the best ones (Chiyo and Yomi), meaning Tomo envies them especially.
  • The Mihama Residence appears in Sakaki's dream and she recognizes it from visiting it in real life.



Cultural References[]

  • In Japan, a New Year's dream is defined as the dream one has either on the night of New Year's or the second day of the New Year. The superstition is that this dream will come true.
  • Outside Osaka's house, there are bamboo and pine decorations. This is traditional New Year's decoration, set out at the entrance of the home to signify an invitation to that year's god and as a place for the god to stay.
  • When Osaka dreams about Chiyo being controlled by her pigtails, she imagines them telling Chiyo to move like a robot. They do in fact speak in Osaka dialect.
  • Tomo makes an impression of Fujiko Mine from Lupin III by saying "Luuu-pin!".
  • Tomo imagines herself on the front page of a newspaper, saying she knocked out bank robbers (actually her friends in disguise) and saved a kitten. She also dreams about Yomi losing a beauty contest to her.
  • Tomo uses the typical tsukkomi line from Japanese stand-up comedy, "Nande ya nen."
  • Chiyo-chichi asks his daughter if Ouija is still single. In Japanese, the word for the Ouija board game equivalent is kokkurisan. Because it ends in san, it sounds like a name ending in the honorific "-san", which can be translated as "Mr.", "Miss," "Mrs.", etc. Thus, the segue from what's popular at school to Ouija being dumped.
  • Sakaki dreams about Osaka showing her a hawk and an eggplant in front of Mount Fuji. This is a reference to those three elements combined in a New Year's dream being considered a sign of good luck to come in Japanese culture.
  • The long skirt, shades, cold mask, headband, and the long jacket on Chiyo-chan in Kaorin's dream are all stereotypical fashion choices that delinquent students in gangs prefer. Moreover, the hat that Chiyo-chan is wearing is possibly a reference to a similar hat worn by the character Jotaro Kujo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Sakaki rescues Kaorin on a white horse, like a prince in a fairy tale. Kaorin asks Sakaki to call her "Kaori" instead. While the nickname "Kaorin" is a pretty familiar form of address, just using her given name straight up is even more intimate because, generally, only family members (such as Kaorin's mother, who also calls her that) and significant others will use a given name with no embellishments. Thus, when Kaorin asks Sakaki to call her "Kaori," she is asking for a closer relationship with Sakaki.
  • The girls visit a shrine, a Japanese custom. This tradition is called hatsumoode. Strictly speaking, hatsumoode is a person's first visit to a shrine in the New Year, no matter when one goes. However, many consider a true hatsumoode to be a visit to a shrine on the the stroke of midnight, just as the New Year begings, and there are always crowds of people at shrines at that time. Kaorin also asks Sakaki about the horse from her dream. Sakaki thinks she refers to the Chinese zodiac, correcting her by saying that it is in fact the year of the rabbit.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • How Chiyo-chan being ten years old was connected to her ability to fly.
  • Why Chiyo-chichi also floated around in the air in Osaka's dream.
  • Why Osaka seemingly took off Chiyo's pigtails three times.
  • Where Osaka went when she started to fly.
  • Why Chiyo was so tiny in Sakaki's dream.
  • Why Sakaki, according to Chiyo-chichi, would impossibly be able to find a real cat in her current state.
  • What kind of problem Chiyo-chichi has with red things.
  • Why Chiyo-chichi got so upset with Sakaki implying that there are real cats and fake cats.
  • If Yomi had a New Year's dream.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Osaka's dream about Chiyo's pigtails, where she accidentally kills her by removing them in the wrong way.
  • Tomo's dreams, where both Chiyo and Yomi get a zero on a test while she scores 100 out of 100 points.
  • Chiyo-chichi making his first appearance, first as Sakaki's pet, then revealing himself to be Chiyo's father.
  • Sakaki visits Chiyo's house in her dream and meets the family's maid, a penguin whose brain is not entirely reliable.
  • Kaorin dreams about Sakaki rescuing her from Chiyo, Tomo, Yomi and Osaka (note that Kaorin's dream sequence was made for the anime, likely to fill out the fifth short of the broadcast week).
  • Osaka, Sakaki, Tomo and Kaorin tell Chiyo-chan that she showed up in every one of their dreams, but they are unwilling to tell her the details.


16px-Quote1 Chiyo-chan! Hey there, Chiyo-chan! Why are you flyin'? 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 So I can fly for free with these things? 16px-Quote2
Osaka (to Chiyo, on Chiyo's pigtails)
16px-Quote1 What? You mean you don't want them? But they're so popular! 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (to Osaka, on Chiyo's pigtails)
16px-Quote1 A heart-warming tale from our very own town! The super high school girl, Tomo Takino-san, saves a kitten! 16px-Quote2
News reporter
16px-Quote1 I got a big fat zero! [starts crying] 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 No, Tomo … You're wrong. I'm no match for you. You're incredible!! 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (when Tomo said she was not that great)
16px-Quote1 Did you say that knowing that I am a cat? 16px-Quote2
Chiyo-chichi (to Sakaki, when she said she liked cats)
16px-Quote1 Your maid's a penguin? 16px-Quote2
Sakaki (to Chiyo)
16px-Quote1 But sometimes she has a brain freeze while she's working. Come on, let's get going! 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (to Sakaki, on Chiyo's penguin maid)
16px-Quote1 There will be some red things included, but please don't stand on ceremony. 16px-Quote2
Chiyo-chichi (to Sakaki)
16px-Quote1 They are so red, and yet, Chiyo says that they are … delicious. 16px-Quote2
Chiyo-chichi (on the tomatoes)
16px-Quote1 Hello Sakaki-san. I came here to wake ya up! HAWK! EGGPLANT! ARISE, SAKAKI-SAN!!! 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 Come on, wake up, Kaori! Aren't you going to the shrine with your friends for New Year's? How long did you plan on staying in bed, and what's with the drooling? I have to wonder what kind of New Year's dream you had!! 16px-Quote2
Kaorin's mother
16px-Quote1 Really, that's amazing!! What was I like in your dreams, huh? Come on, tell me! 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (when told that four people dreamed about her)