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Episode 09
Ep 9
Air date June 03, 2002
Written by Tomoyasu Okubo
Directed by Yayoi Minazuki
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If I Can't Pet One... / 11 Years Old / Mr. Kitty Cat... / Premise / Why? (Japanese: 「触れないなら」 「11才」 「ねこさん...」 「設定」 「何で?」) is the ninth episode of Azumanga Daioh.


AD Ep 9

At a movie theater, Sakaki watches a film about a girl who finds a stray cat, and is emotionally affected by it. At school, Kaorin shows off photos of her new kittens to Sakaki. This inspires her to attempt to photograph a cat she finds, however this one prevents her from obtaining a clear shot of it. Sakaki later spots Chiyo in a cat costume, though she helps Chiyo carry it back to her home, since Chiyo had a hard time wearing it. Back in class, Chiyo reveals that her birthday is coming up soon. Chiyo prefers to be taller in order to be cool, but Sakaki prefers to be shorter in order to be cute. Yomi concocts to organize a birthday party for Chiyo. Sakaki envisions both Chiyo and herself in ribbons, to different effects. Sakaki goes in pursuit of a gift. A cat notebook is taken by a girl when Sakaki is distracted, and a toy cat malfunctions as she reaches for it. She is then led to a crane game full of stuffed animals, picking up two plush cats after three tries. At Chiyo's house, the guests arrive and present their gifts. Tomo gives Chiyo a magic wand, but this fails to impress her. Yomi gives her a book, and Sakaki gives her one of the plush cats from the crane game. Osaka also gives her a plush cat, which Sakaki recognizes as Chiyo-Father. Chiyo and Tomo then argue whether the Yomiuri Giants or the Hanshin Tigers will win the upcoming baseball season. The group takes a stroll through a park with Mr. Tadakichi, seeing and enjoying a gorgeous sunset. It is a moment of pure bliss for everyone, but none more so than Sakaki, who for the first time in her life, is among friends who care.

Adapted From[]


  • Sakaki previously explained to Chiyo-chichi how her mother's allergies keep her from getting a cat of her own, which she also tells Chiyo here.
  • Sakaki, who became very fond of Tadakichi-san earlier, almost forgets to come in and congratulate Chiyo on her birthday because she was busy petting him.
  • Chiyo getting a plushie that looks exactly like Chiyo-chichi from Sakaki's New Year's dream. Sakaki also tells Chiyo it is her father.
  • In the next episode preview, Kagura mentions her introduction in episode 6 and her loss to Sakaki in the relay race. However, Sakaki claims not to remember her, making Kagura very frustrated.



Cultural References[]

  • Sakaki going to a movie theater and watching the movie about the cat.
  • Kaorin has a photo album of her kittens, and Sakaki wants to order copies of them.
  • Sakaki also attempts to photograph several cats she encounters.
  • Chiyo appears dressed up as a cat costume she claims she won in a lottery in the shopping district.
  • Chiyo mentions that when she and her classmates were lined up in order of height, she was one of the shortest. This is usually how students are lined up in Japan.
  • It is mentioned that Sakaki is over 170 cm tall. This is considered very tall in Japan where the average height is quite a bit shorter.
  • Sakaki looks in several shops at cat-related products. She also sees mechanical cats in the area, as well as a girl wearing a bunny-shaped backpack.
  • Sakaki ends up winning two cat plushies from a crane game machine.
  • Yomi giving Chiyo a book for her birthday.
  • Sakaki tells Chiyo that the name of the stuffed animal she gave her is "Mon Petit". In Japan, Mon Petit is a brand of cat food made by Purina, and it is pronounced "Monpuchi".
  • Chiyo and Tomo discuss which baseball team is better, the Yomiuri Giants or the Hanshin Tigers. In Japan, baseball teams are owned by companies. The Giants are owned by Yomiuri, a newspaper company, and they are based in Tokyo. The Tigers are owned by Hanshin, a railway company, and based in Osaka. These two teams have been rivals for a very long time. The plushie sitting on Chiyo-chan's shelf is a giabbit. It is the mascot for the Giants.
    • Due to similar team colors, many American fans are liable to confuse the Yomiuri Giants with the San Francisco Giants.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • What exact date Chiyo-chan's birthday is.
  • How old Tomo thought Chiyo really did look.
  • If ribbons were Chiyo's only present from the year before, though it's highly unlikely, given how wealthy she was established to be several episodes ago.
  • Who the girl with the bunny backpack was.
  • What the book Yomi gave Chiyo was about.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Sakaki crying when seeing the film.
  • Sakaki tries to take pictures of cats, but they start jumping in all directions, making her photos useless.
  • Chiyo and Sakaki discuss their height preferences, and when Osaka suggests Sakaki took Chiyo's height away, Chiyo begs her to give it back.
  • Chiyo's birthday party. Tomo at first jokes by giving Chiyo a box with "feeling" written in it as a present.


16px-Quote1 The big girl behind us cried lots and lots too. She cried through the whole movie. 16px-Quote2
Child moviegoer (on Sakaki)
16px-Quote1 Uh-huh! They look so fluffy and soft it's like they're just two balls of fur. 16px-Quote2
Osaka (on Kaorin's kittens, when Chiyo said they were adorable)
16px-Quote1 Uh … If I want to order copies … Do I write it in the back? 16px-Quote2
Sakaki (to Kaorin, on the photos)
16px-Quote1 Will these photos be alright for you, ma'am? 16px-Quote2
Camera shop woman (to Sakaki, on her blurry photos of Kamineko)
16px-Quote1 But just looking at her, you'd swear she was a lot younger than eleven years old, huh. 16px-Quote2
Tomo (on Chiyo)
16px-Quote1 Being cute rather than cool is … is … stronger!! 16px-Quote2
Sakaki (to Chiyo)
16px-Quote1 Sakaki-san, have you been taking all the height away from me? 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 Even I'm old enough that I don't believe that stuff anymore. 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (to Tomo, when Tomo said she could use a magic wand to grow taller)
16px-Quote1 Fine! So what if my present didn't make anyone happy or stir up any interesting conversation, it's not like I care! 16px-Quote2