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Azumanga Daioh
Episode 25
Ep 25 RE
Air date September 23, 2002
Written by Tsuyoshi Tamai
Directed by Tadashi Iino
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Course Discussion / Pray for Success / Fight! / Study Session / Tomo and Osaka's Day of Fate (Japanese: 「進路相談」 「合格祈願」 「ファイト」 「勉強会」 「ともと大阪 運命の日」) is the twenty fifth episode of Azumanga Daioh.


Ep 25

With the entrance exams nearby, everyone is focused in it, except for Tomo, who would rather ask wordplay questions to stump Chiyo. They are outmatched when Osaka manages to answer all questions correctly and cluelessly. Chiyo tells Osaka she could possibly become a school teacher, after the latter is concerned for a suitable career. Yukari, after being consulted by Osaka, chews Chiyo out for feeling insulted. All the girls gather at Chiyo's house to study. On New Year's Day, the girls assemble at the shrine to pray for their success in the entrance exams. Tomo is mortified to get bad luck foretold for the upcoming year. Ironically, upon meeting Yukari and Nyamo, the former tells them that the son of the shrine priest did not pass his entrance exams, rendering all fortunes useless. Before their entrance exams, Osaka comes up with a superstition to allow all the girls to pass, in that they each must split a pair of chopsticks perfectly in half. Chiyo, in turn, gives them all lucky charms she handcrafted. At another study session at Chiyo's house, she muses about how fast their high school period passed by them, and they are about to graduate. Sakaki and Kagura manage to pass their exams, but Tomo and Osaka do not. However, they still have another chance to make it, and thanks to Chiyo, they eventually do. With that, there is only a violently resolute Yomi left to pass her own exams.

Adapted From[]


  • The plushie in the form of Chiyo-chichi bought by Osaka for Chiyo is seen again. Osaka uses it as a pillow.
  • Once again it is shown that Osaka thinks splitting chopsticks cleanly is an impressive accomplishment.
  • Kagura refers to the fact that she joined Class 3 in her second year.
  • Sakaki previously said she wanted to be a veterinarian, which Osaka refers to here.



Cultural References[]

  • Tomo takes Yomi's vocabulary cards and quizzes her friends on riddles mostly based on puns.
  • Tomo seems to read a comic book at Chiyo-chan's house.
  • Yukari drifting into the road before chasing back Osaka, Tomo and Kagura is a reference to Akira due to its camera view and pose resemblance.
  • The girls visit a shrine to pray for good exam results at New Year's.
  • In Japanese, Chiyo-chichi tells Osaka "吾輩は猫である Wagahai wa Neko de Aru" which translates to "I am a cat". Wagahai wa Neko de Aru is the title of the famous first novel of legendary author Soseki Natsume, written in 1905.
  • Osaka likens Chiyo-chichi's appearance to that of Yoshiro Mori, the former and quite unpopular Japanese prime minister (in the English dub, this is changed to Bill Clinton, former president of the United States).

Unanswered Questions[]

  • How Yukari knew about the shrine priest's son failing his college entrance exams.
  • How Chiyo-chichi could turn up in Osaka's dream as well as in Sakaki's.
  • What Tomo, Chiyo and Yomi's career choices were.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Osaka displays a hidden talent for solving riddles which impresses Tomo and Chiyo greatly.
  • Because of her being skilled at solving riddles, Chiyo thinks Osaka might be suited for teaching. When Yukari hears about this, she gets deeply insulted, thinking that Chiyo implies teachers are stupid.
  • The girls go to study at Chiyo-chan's house, but Yomi doubts it really can be called studying because all Osaka, Sakaki and Tomo do is sleeping, playing and reading, respectively.
  • When the girls draw sacred lots, Tomo's fortune is "bad luck" which scares her.
  • Osaka makes up a charm where you try to split disposable chopsticks cleanly for good luck, and tries to teach this to her friends. When Tomo nevertheless messes it up however, she gets a scolding from Osaka, the only time anyone has ever got this.
  • Osaka dreams about meeting and conversing with Chiyo-chichi while studying in a classroom.
  • The girls finally take their entrance exams and Chiyo actually uses Osaka's method of splitting chopsticks to pray for their good luck.
  • Kagura learns she has been accepted into college, and Sakaki too. Tomo and Osaka initially learn they failed, but finally they also get accepted by a school. Yomi, however, fails two exams and is worried to find out the response from her main choice.


16px-Quote1 You talk as if you're not even a part of it! You've got exams too, don't you? 16px-Quote2
Yomi (to Tomo)
16px-Quote1 So, if I go study abroad, I won't have to take entrance exams either! I'm the smartest person ever!! 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 I bet you would raise students who were flexible thinkers! 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (to Osaka)
16px-Quote1 Well, then let's pick a rally point. Everyone, if you get lost, meet up at Sakaki! 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 A ¥10 coin, Osaka? That's pretty lame. You'll fail at this rate. 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 Yeah, you're probably just doomed, Tomo. 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 [Didn't you] know that the son of that shrine went and failed to get into college. They won't help you. 16px-Quote2
Yukari (to the girls)
16px-Quote1 Let's take this chance to do it together. And get terrible scores!! 16px-Quote2
Tomo (on the centre exams)
16px-Quote1 Y'all are just too sceptical! Lookie here. I'm gonna show ya how to do it. 16px-Quote2
Osaka (on splitting chopsticks cleanly)
16px-Quote1 We said it. You gotta hold 'em by the ends! It's no good! Listen to what people tell ya! Argh!!! 16px-Quote2
Osaka (to Tomo, on the chopsticks)
16px-Quote1 These questions are kind of boring! Yukari-sensei's tests are more interesting than this. YOUR INTELLIGENCE CANNOT BE MEASURED BY THESE PROBLEMS!! Please, don't let it discourage you!! 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (to Tomo)
16px-Quote1 There are some times when I wish I were a BIRD!! 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 Well, assuming nothing happens and we do GET to graduate! 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 You say that so cheerfully! 16px-Quote2
Yomi (to Tomo)
16px-Quote1 Sakaki's breasts've grown too! 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 That's your answer? She's your student! You really should remember these things, you know!? 16px-Quote2
Nyamo (to Yukari, on Kagura)
16px-Quote1 But this school … This was supposed to be my safety net! 16px-Quote2
Osaka (after failing an exam)
16px-Quote1 Don't be in such a hurry to die! 16px-Quote2
Kagura (to Chiyo, after she said she would stake her life on the fact that Tomo and Osaka would get into college)
16px-Quote1 Do [veterinarians] take care of beetles as well? 16px-Quote2
Osaka (to Sakaki)
16px-Quote1 I DON'T NEED YOUR SYMPATHY!! I've still got my main choice left. And don't worry, I'm GONNA be accepted there!! Then I'm gonna have LOTS of fun!! WITH EVERYONE!! 16px-Quote2
Yomi (to Tomo)