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Title: 4 April

Published: Approximately February – March 1999 in Dengeki Daioh

Volume 1

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Part 1[]

  • Miss Yukari
  • Pop Quiz 1
  • Pop Quiz 2
  • Don't Get Cocky!
  • Child Prodigy
  • Genius
  • Perfect
  • Scary?
  • Sakaki's Cool
  • Kitty Cat ...
  • Alone
  • Tomo Gone Wild!
  • Tomo Don't Give Up!
  • Run Tomo!
  • All Right! Tomo!

Part 2[]

  • Health First!
  • Which Side Are You On?
  • I Hate Cleaning
  • A Secret
  • Teeny-Tiny Chiyo-chan
  • Tongue Twister
  • Scary!
  • Petting
  • Ouch!
  • Why?
  • Never Give Up On Your Dream!
  • Too Much Energy
  • Bunny Club
  • The 100-Meter Dash!
  • Tie Game


Sakaki encounters Kamineko twice in this chapter. The second time, she refers to it as "the kitty cat from this morning."



Cultural References[]

One of Sakaki's career choices is "plushie salesperson."

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Yomi, Chihiro and Kaorin are introduced but not mentioned by name. Sakaki's last name goes unmentioned, and remains so for the entire series.
  • It is not specified whether Tomo is talking to anyone else when she introduces herself, and in that case, to whom.
  • During the roll call, we do not get to see the faces of "Aida" and "Inoue", but judging from their backs, they could be Kaorin and Chihiro, in which case this would be their last names, respectively.
  • Chihiro asks Kurosawa-sensei what Yukari was like when they were classmates, and Kurosawa is just about to start telling stories when Yukari threatens her with revealing a previous event involving Kurosawa and a love letter, which makes Kurosawa stay silent. Thus, we never find out exactly what Yukari was like when she was younger, and neither what the love letter story really was about.
  • The name of the male teacher who appears in this chapter is not mentioned. We do not find out what subject he teaches either.

Memorable Moments[]

  • On her first day of work, Yukari goes into the wrong classroom and embarrasses herself.
  • Chiyo-chan gets introduced to the class, only 10 years of age. Her classmates get the impression that she's a perfect child because she is not only a genius, but also gets up early to cook her own lunch.
  • Sakaki encounters Kamineko for the first time.


16px-Quote1 She's not checking on us, she's just cheating. 16px-Quote2
Male student (on Yukari)
16px-Quote1 Was it just me, or were those some super-cute panties flashing across my field of vision just now …? 16px-Quote2
Kaorin (on Sakaki)
16px-Quote1 You know what's the "in" thing with kids these days? Dysfunctional classrooms. 16px-Quote2