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Chapter 5

Title: 7 July

Published: Approximately July 1999 in Dengeki Daioh

Volume 1

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  • Hate
  • Yukari-sensei got scolded
  • Kurosawa-sensei scolds
  • Yukari's driving
  • Denied
  • P.E. volleyball
  • Rival!?
  • Scared me
  • Weapon
  • Not Osaka
  • Choo-choo chrain
  • Punishment
  • Pairs
  • Not fair
  • From Kurosawa
  • Breakthrough
  • Hates to lose
  • The Tomo-Chiyo war


  • Goto-sensei approaches Yukari with the question of what she is talking to her students about, and she replies "Oh, just discussing the boys we hate again," in reference to an earlier occasion when Goto-sensei asked her the same question and received the same answer.
  • Tomo calls Kasuga "Osaka" again, and this time she has further remarks on her new nickname, stating that she is not actually a full Osakan since she went to grade school in Kobe and was born in Wakayama.



Cultural References[]

So as to punish Osaka for forgetting to do her homework, Yukari tells her they'll have to do a comedy routine together. Yukari wants Osaka to be the "boke" (the dumb one) and herself to be the "tsukkomi" (the straight man). Osaka thinks the role of boke would fit Yukari better, which makes the latter feel insulted. Once again this is a reference to Osakan sketch comedy.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Kagura appears for the first time in this chapter, getting scolded by Kurosawa, but the former's name is not found out in this chapter. Kagura gets scolded for apparently injuring herself somehow, but it is not known in exactly what manner.
  • Tomo mistakes another girl for Osaka. It is unknown who this girl is, aside from the fact that she is a student, as she is wearing a school uniform.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Kagura's first appearance.
  • Minamo Kurosawa is called by her nickname of "Nyamo" by Yukari for the first time in the series, much to her embarrassment.
  • Yukari's poor driving skills are mentioned for the first time here. She tries to get to drive Kurosawa's car, but when the latter hears about the former's bad luck last time she drove, Kurosawa refuses to let her drive.
  • Kaorin is briefly led to think that she has a new rival in Osaka, since Osaka said that she was going to aim for Sakaki from now on.
  • Tomo gets 100 points on a P.E. test, the best result she has ever been seen receiving in the series, only because she put all her energy into studying for the test so that she could still challenge Chiyo at something. Her plan is successful since Chiyo only got 92 points, but Tomo's English test results suffered.


16px-Quote1 Not gonna crash this time. 16px-Quote2
Yukari (on her driving)
16px-Quote1 'Kay! I've got my sights set on her now! 16px-Quote2
Osaka (on Sakaki)
16px-Quote1 I smashed that cockroach with my textbook. 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 It's just a P.E. test, so you should ace it with your eyes closed. 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 You know, I've always wanted to tell you this, but … YOU'RE LOUD. 16px-Quote2
Yomi (to Tomo)
16px-Quote1 Wow, she really is upset. 16px-Quote2
Yomi (on Chiyo's reaction to Tomo receiving a better score)