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Title: 12 December

Published: Approximately December 1999 – January 2000 in Dengeki Daioh

Volume 1

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Part 1[]

  • What have I done?
  • Is that true?
  • Chiyo's panda
  • Osaka's panda
  • Change of pace
  • Yukari of the wind
  • I'm Hide
  • Yukari the striker
  • I told you, I'm Nakata
  • Run, Chiyo, run
  • Hither and thither
  • Broken VCR
  • Vacation plans
  • I bought it
  • Always wanted to see it

Part 2[]

  • Something nice
  • New ones
  • Thoughts
  • How inconsiderate
  • Back to work
  • Shame
  • Results
  • Learning
  • Christmas party
  • Wrong
  • Impostor?
  • Work for it
  • Golden pipes
  • Run for it


  • Osaka dreams about Chiyo's pigtails twice in this chapter, first of them being detachable (this later became the basis for the plot of Azumanga Daioh: The Very Short Movie) and then of them also being replaceable. She also dreamed about Chiyo's pigtails earlier.
  • Tomo asks Osaka if she is going to work at Magnetron Burger again over winter break, in reference to Osaka and Chiyo's summer job.



Cultural References[]

  • Osaka and Chiyo go to buy a new picture book about pandas, which Sakaki is also very interested in.
  • Osaka says she saw a panda on TV.
  • Yukari cancels her English class for a P.E. lesson, and they play soccer. Yukari says she is going to "be"  Hidetoshi Nakata, a famous soccer player.
  • Yomi asked Tomo to record a show for her, since her VCR was broken, but Tomo forgot about it.
  • Tomo talks about the old Japanese name for December, and wants Yomi to reply her like in a comedy show. Osaka sees the significance of this.
  • Osaka talks a whole lot about the issues with the Christmas carol "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."
  • The girls go to sing karaoke together. Sakaki's singing ability is compared with that of a pop star.
  • Kimura shows up as if from nowhere and refers to a "white Christmas," like in the song of the same name.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • We do not find out what show Yomi wanted Tomo to record.
  • It is unknown from where Tomo got the idea that Magnetron Burger used cat meat for their burgers. Yomi rejects the theory at once.
  • We do not know when exactly Tomo saw a panda in real life.
  • Yukari asks Tomo to answer an English problem, but they do not say what the problem is.
  • Osaka asks the others if anyone of them has a boyfriend, but no one replies, hinting that they don't.
  • Chiyo is nervous about singing karaoke, but it is not revealed how good she and Osaka are at singing (in the anime, Osaka's a decent singer, though).
  • Someone calls one of the girls a bad singer. The person referred to is most likely Yomi, in which case the person addressing her would be either Osaka, Chiyo or Sakaki.
  • Where Kimura comes from all of a sudden is left to the reader's imagination.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Osaka's two bizarre dreams about Chiyo's pigtails.
  • We see here how worthless Tomo is at cleaning because she doesn't even bother trying.
  • The girls' Christmas celebration, consisting of "walking around," "going to karaoke," "eating cake at Chiyo-chan's house," and a slumber party (though only the first two activities are actually included in the chapter).
  • Yomi is a terrible singer, while Sakaki is very talented.


16px-Quote1 Whatever it is, it's not a panda. 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (on the panda drawn by Osaka)
16px-Quote1 I'm getting tired of only ever teaching English! TODAY, YOU'RE GETTING A MATH LESSON, COURTESY OF ME! 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 SENSEI! THAT'S YOUR OWN TEAM'S GOAL! 16px-Quote2
Yomi (to Yukari)
16px-Quote1 Was it black on white, or white on black? 16px-Quote2
Osaka (to Tomo, on the panda she had seen)
16px-Quote1 You see … They're new ones! 16px-Quote2
Chiyo (on her pigtails, in Osaka's dream)
16px-Quote1 When I look out and see all my friends cleaning … It just tears me apart not to be able to help. 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 START CLEANING, THEN! 16px-Quote2
Yomi (to Tomo)
16px-Quote1 Chiyo-chan is already near the top of the school year! Of course, none of this stuff is going to help you out in the real world. 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 You all know Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? That's messed up, y'know? Sayin' his nose will help light the way ain't no way t'make him feel better about it. If you told a bald fella you needed the light reflecting off his head to see, he'd like to punch you.

Santa's a cruel bully.'' 16px-Quote2

16px-Quote1 She can study and play sports with the best of 'em, but she can't sing worth a lick. This girl. 16px-Quote2
Tomo (on Yomi)
16px-Quote1 WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!? 16px-Quote2
The girls (to Kimura)