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Chapter 27

Title: 1 January

Published: Approximately March 2001 in Dengeki Daioh

Volume 3

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  • How to spend your New Year's
  • Gloating Yomi
  • Bears in Hokkaido
  • Mochi
  • How dare you
  • Here she comes
  • Also all-you-can-eat
  • Definition
  • Knock knock
  • Ample justice
  • Pals
  • Danger
  • Go!
  • This is fun
  • Victory


  • In the beginning of the chapter, the girls talk about New Year's and how they have been on vacation.
  • Tomo refers to the fact that Yomi has been on a diet but, unfortunately for her, gained weight again in the middle of it.



Cultural References[]

Yomi talks about flying in an airplane.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • What exactly Osaka meant when she said she melted during her vacation.
  • When Chiyo flew in an airplane, like she claims she has.
  • Yomi says that Sakaki told her she liked bears, but it is not known when this was.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Yomi making Tomo and Yukari envious by bragging about her trip to Hokkaido, the delicious food, the hot springs and the skiing.
  • Chiyo's and Osaka's snowball fight – rather pointless since both of them are bad throwers. When Kagura joins in, though, (on Osaka's team) Chiyo is taken down easily.


16px-Quote1 Oh, no big deal. I only went to Hokkaido. 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 Oh, and Sakaki, I remember you saying that you liked bears, so … [gives her a can of bear curry] That's got bear in it. [Sakaki looks horrified] 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 You've seen enough of this in Hokkaido already! 16px-Quote2
Tomo and Yukari (to Yomi, on the falling snow)
16px-Quote1 I know that name! It's the stuff they use in that bath softener! I've used that stuff at home before! They know what it's all about in Noboribetsu, huh? That's the stuff! 16px-Quote2
Yukari (to Yomi)
16px-Quote1 Come on, somebody land a toss! 16px-Quote2
Tomo (on Osaka's and Chiyo's snowball fight)