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Azumanga Fighter Title Screen

Title Screen

Azumanga Fighter is a fanmade PC fighting game based on Azumanga Daioh. It is only available in Japanese.

Azumanga Fighter Character Selection Screen

Character Selection Screen (with all characters unlocked)


The following characters are playable. Some characters have a separate, unlockable EX version (denoted by EX).

Unlocking the EX version is done by beating that character in arcade mode.

The following characters are not playable and are only seen when you win or in certain special move-sets.

  • Tadakichi-san (in Chiyo's special move-set)
  • Kaorin (in Sakaki's special move-set)
  • Maya (in Sakaki's special move-set)


  • Judging by Tomo's hairstyle, this game takes place during second year.
  • The game features many homages to iconic fighting game mechanics and moves (e.g. Stylish Cancelling from Guilty Gear's Roman-Cancelling, EX Kagura's Super from Street Fighter III Makoto's Kara Fukiage)
Azumanga Fighter Gameplay



Character Selection[]