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Azumanga Recycle (あずまんがリサイクル Azumanga Risaikuru) is a book containing short fan works Kiyohiko Azuma created for Tenchi Muyou! and Battle Athletes Daiundokai. It was published by MediaWorks in June 2001, only in Japan. It is 154 pages long. The strips range in length from four panels to about 15 pages and were produced to accompany laserdiscs and games.[1] Azumanga Recycle is a reduced-size edition of Azumanga: Kiyohiko Azuma Anthology, hence the use of "recycle" in the title. It is in the action/comedy genre and parodies said series as well as Magical Girl Pretty Sammy.[2]

As is the case in Wallaby, some of the strips are read from left to right instead of being in the usual Japanese reading direction. Azuma also created an original character, Oyaji Ryo-oh-ki.[1]