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Azumanga Web Daioh


Fumiaki Asano


Ajia-do Animation Works


December 28, 2000


4 minutes

Character design

Yasuhisa Kato

Based on the manga by

Kiyohiko Azuma

Voice acting

Ayaka Saito (Chiyo Mihama)
Ayako Kawasumi (Ayumu Kasuga)
Mitsuki Saiga (Kagura)
Satsuki Yukino (Koyomi Mizuhara)
Tomoe Hanba (Tomo Takino)
Akiko Hiramatsu (Minamo Kurosawa)

Azumanga Web Daioh (あずまんがWEB大王 Azumanga WEB Daiō) is a short animated feature from 2000. It appeared on the official Japanese Azumanga Daioh website for a limited time (and was later offered as a paid download for a while), intended to gauge whether there was enough interest for an entire anime series which was originally planned to be released on the web exclusively. Because of overwhelming demand, the anime was instead released as a television series. Azumanga Web Daioh features different voice actors and music from the regular series.


The video opens with Chiyo-chichi flying above several rooftops and after the opening credits, the girls' classroom is seen, where Yomi, Tomo, and Osaka are. Tomo suddenly discovers a video camera, which Chiyo-chan explains that she needs for a class project. Tomo takes the camera, and Chiyo asks her to be careful with it. Tomo ensures that it is alright, but Chiyo does not like the idea of her playing with it. Then Sakaki and Kagura discover the camera. Tomo asks the latter to do something flashy. Kagura then kicks the camera. Next, Tomo runs around in the hallway with the camera, despite a note on the wall saying it is forbidden to do so. Yomi yells at Tomo not to break the camera, but the latter ignores her and rushes into the teachers' room. Nyamo tells her that she should at least knock, and when Tomo asks where Yukari is, Nyamo nods in her direction. Yukari is sleeping and wakes up when Tomo approaches her, but quickly nods off anew. They put the video in a box, even though Chiyo expresses doubt about whether it is fine as it is. Osaka buries the video in the schoolyard and puts up a sign next to it saying "time capsule," after which she peacefully walks away from there. Then the waste management company comes and brings down the tree by which Osaka's time capsule was placed. Osaka appears stunned as she soon realizes what is happening.



  • The only voice actor who returned to the final anime adaptation was Akiko Hiramatsu, who plays Nyamo in Azumanga Web Daioh. However, in Azumanga Daioh: The Animation, she voices Yukari, and Nyamo is voiced by Aya Hisakawa.
  • The plot of the video is not based on any chapters from the manga.
  • Kaorin only appears in the background in one scene.
  • Though Sakaki and Yukari appear in the video, they do not have any lines. Osaka does have voice acting but is not seen speaking.
  • The color scheme is slightly different from that of the other anime adaptations, particularly Chiyo's hair which is more auburn than light red in this version.
  • The character designs for the girls all have three visible eyelashes, much like the early outings of the manga, all of which are missing in the anime.
  • 3D backgrounds are used with 2D characters, unlike the 2002 anime adaption, which uses full 2D.