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Azutama chisaka

Azutama (あずたま Azutama) is a fanmade EasyGameStation Japanese-language snowball fighting game for PC featuring the Azumanga Daioh characters that was released on the 28th of June, 2006. The game is similar to an old arcade tank battle game and Black Eye Software's SnowBrawl.


These characters appear in the game.

Azutama gameplay

One of the game's stages


The task is to defeat a certain number of opponents in each stage by throwing snowballs at them, allowing you to move to the next one. You can play against a friend or the computer. While a large number of characters appear in the game, Chiyo and Osaka are the only playable ones. Tomo can appear wearing a futon, like in chapter 28, while the teachers Nyamo and Yukari appear in the Nyamobile and Yukarimobile, respectively. In each stage, there are new enemies and power-ups.