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Chihiro (千尋) is a classmate and best friend of Kaorin. Little is known except her name.

When she appears, she is usually keeping Kaorin company, and she collaborates with her on some projects. Once, when Chiyo-chan tutored her, Yukari assumed it was the reverse. Occasionally Chihiro bears the brunt of Kaorin's temper, without knowing why; it is unclear how aware she is of Kaorin's crush on Sakaki.

Chihiro was also one of the students most disgusted by the cockroach that appeared in class in Episode 2. In the manga, during the senior year sports festival Chihiro dressed up as Chihiro from Spirited Away, partnered with another student (possibly Kaorin) dressed as Kaonashi from the same film.

Initially in the manga, Chihiro is often seen together with Yomi. It can be assumed that this was before Chihiro became best friends with Kaorin, and the two of them might have bonded over "discussing the boys they hate" together with Yukari.[1] Though Yomi still appears to maintain a friendly relationship with Kaorin and, presumably, Chihiro, later on in the series.

Chihiro appears to be a fairly easy-going person, but slightly sarcastic and not without an edge. Like her friend, she is rather quiet, and not prone to drawing attention to herself. She does not seem to think much of Tomo, since she said to Kaorin that electing Tomo for class president would lead to unmitigated disaster,[2] and was skeptical when Tomo said the reason she was loud was that "it [was] always noisy where three women gather." Chihiro and Yomi did not think they contributed much to how noisy the group was.

While Kaorin transferred to Kimura's class in her third year, much to her annoyance, Chihiro's fate is not known. But since Kaorin above all was Kimura's favourite, it is possible that only she left Class 3 and Chihiro remained, and Kaorin was also the only one whom the girls noticed was missing from the original class setup when their third year began. Should that be the case, it is unknown who Chihiro spends time with when she's not with Kaorin.

Voice Actors[]


Akane Omae


Hilary Haag


  • Chihiro was supposedly born in 1984 (or 1983).[3]
  • Chihiro only appeared in episodes 1-17 (except episodes 3, 5, 8, 12 and 14). In the later episodes, she would only appear as a non-speaking background character in episodes 20, 23, and 26.
  • In episode 1, Chihiro was given a formal introduction like the rest of the main cast, but did not recieve the same sound effect as the others did. This is possibly either because of the crowd noise overlaid on the scene, or she is not an important enough character to warrant the sound effect.

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  3. In Chapter 16, the theme park guide says that the year is 2000, and while Chihiro's birth month is unknown, Japanese students are typically 16 in their second high school year. 1984 is 16 years prior to 2000.