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The Azumanga Daioh girls, from the cover of the May 2002 issue.


Yotsuba&!'s Fuuka and Yotsuba, from the cover of the February 2007 issue.

Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh (月刊コミック電撃大王 Gekkan Komikku Dengeki Daiō) is a Japanese shōnen manga magazine published by ASCII Media Works (formerly MediaWorks) under the Dengeki brand. Azumanga Daioh by Kiyohiko Azuma was serialized in this magazine between February 1999 and June 2002. Azuma's ongoing Yotsuba&! is also currently being serialized in Dengeki Daioh. Its debut was in March 2003.

Many manga serialized in Dengeki Daioh were later published in tankōbon volumes under ASCII Media Works's Dengeki Comics imprint. The magazine is sold every month on the 27th. A yonkoma section of Dengeki Daioh called Dengeki Yonkoma Daioh (電撃4コマ大王) features various omake strips of the manga series published in it. The format is typically a normal drawing on the right side featuring one or sometimes more characters, and a vertical four panel strip on the left featuring characters from the associated series in super deformed form. Two special editions of the magazine called Dengeki Moeoh and Dengeki Daioh Genesis are sold bimonthly and quarterly, respectively.

The publication originated from Bandai's Cyber Comix magazine, which later became the short-lived Media Comix Dyne — it lasted three issues. After the publication of Media Comix Dyne was canceled, MediaWorks launched Dengeki Daioh as a quarterly publication in 1994. It eventually developed into a bimonthly magazine in 1996, and later into a monthly publication when its name was changed to its current title, Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh. In recent years, the magazine has taken to publishing information on anime and video games as well where half the magazine contains such information. Dengeki Daioh celebrated its thirteenth year of publication in 2007. Starting with the August 2008 issue, sold on June 27, 2008, Dengeki Daioh increased the number of manga series serialized in each issue which expanded the page count from about 700 to 900 pages per issue.


  • "Dengeki Daioh" roughly translates to "Great King of Electric Shock".
  • The Daioh in Azumanga Daioh is taken from the magazine's name. In other words, the title of Azuma's breakthrough manga could be read as "Azuma's comic for Daioh magazine."
  • Fuuka from Yotsuba&! is frequently seen on the cover of Dengeki Daioh.
  • Formerly, the price of the magazine was 620 yen; it later rose to 780 yen.

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