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Dr. Ishihara (石原 Ishihara), first name unknown, is a veterinarian who plays an important role in a late part of the Azumanga Daioh series. He appears as an elderly man, with wrinkles and gray hair, and claims that he has been a vet for decades. He has his own animal clinic near Chiyo's and Sakaki's houses. He is the veterinarian that Chiyo-chan's family take their dog Tadakichi-san to and seems to know her well.

When Maya was exhausted after a dramatic meeting with Kamineko, Chiyo-chan suggested that she and Sakaki would take Maya to Dr. Ishihara. Dr. Ishihara announced that there was nothing too serious about Maya's condition and that all Sakaki had to do was to take him home and give him plenty of T.L.C.

Personality-wise, he seems to be rather humorous, since he joked about Chiyo-chan becoming 7 feet tall soon because she had grown so much since they last saw each other. He also may have suspected that Sakaki and Chiyo lied when they claimed that Maya was a crossbreed even though he thought that Maya looked an awful lot like an Iriomote cat, but let it slide (possibly because Chiyo said he was a crossbreed and he might have sensed that Sakaki getting to keep Maya was important to Chiyo, seeing as she was willing to lie to him about it).


  • John Swasey's English voice of Dr. Ishihara sounds identical to his voice of Gennai from Saban's English dub of Digimon Adventure.

Voice Actors[]


Yonehiko Kitagawa


John Swasey