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Emi finds Wallaby.

Emi's mother

Emi with her mother.

Emi (えみ Emi) is a character from Wallaby who is a younger relative of Kokoro's. She lives a long bicycle ride away, and is often babysitten by Kokoro's mother. Emi and her mother live in a house, seemingly alone. She first stumbles upon Wallaby when she is at Kokoro's house and it is love at first sight, though she also finds him weird-looking. She asks Kokoro's mother if she can have him, and since Kokoro is already in high school, Kokoro's mother says it is alright. Thus, Wallaby ends up living in her house for a while until Kokoro is able to get him back. Emi resembles Kokoro in her violent treatment of Wallaby and her poor ability of making up names (Kokoro named the stuffed animal she had made Wallaby just because it was supposed to be a wallaby, and Emi decided to call him "Orangey" just because he was orange). Emi has a habit of calling Wallaby an "ogre" and beating him up just for fun, which he strongly dislikes. Though she is not as short-tempered as Kokoro and allows Wallaby to sleep in her bed and even bathe with her and her mother which was a dream-like experience for Wallaby that made him feel as if he were in heaven already. Her being slightly nicer might be because she didn't know who Wallaby really was, unlike Kokoro. But when Emi says that she and Wallaby will be together forever, Wallaby remembers his time with Kokoro and convinces Emi of giving him back to her, which she does, fortunately for him and Kokoro.