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Emi's house

Kokoro retrieving Wallaby from Emi's family.

Emi's house is the home of Emi and her mother, as well as of Wallaby, during the short time that he had been taken away from Kokoro by Emi. It is quite far from the house of Kokoro's family.


Emi's room[]

Bovine punishment

Emi after "playing" with Wallaby.

Emi's room is where Emi sleeps and spends her waking moments. She has a toy in her room that she uses for hitting Wallaby with, which he disliked because it was so painful. Although Emi was ready to let him sleep with her on a mattress which Wallaby definitely preferred to the drawer in Kokoro's room. Even so, Wallaby made sure that Emi gave him back to Kokoro.

Bath room[]


Wallaby's reaction to bathing with Emi and her mother.

At one point, Emi and her mother let Wallaby bathe with them in their bath room. This was one of the major reasons why it wasn't a completely easy decision for Wallaby to return to Kokoro, as he had been wanting to bathe with her before, but had been denied.