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Ena Ayase
Japanese 綾瀬 恵那
Romanized Ayase Ena
Gender Female
English voice actor None
Japanese voice actor None

Ena Ayase (Japanese: 綾瀬 恵那 Ayase Ena) is the youngest Ayase sister.



Ena as she appears in "Try! Try! Try!".

Ena made her debut in the one shot-manga and webcomics named "Try! Try! Try!". She is the protagonist of the comic "Ena-chan's mishap", chronicling her misadventures with a hamster she found in the street. Her personality and apperance are similar to that of Yotsuba&!, but her hair is longer and violet instead of dark brown as in the final version. In Try! Try! Try! she is introduced as a fourth-year elementary school student, and Azuma confirmed her to be of the same age in Yotsuba&!, making her approximately 9 years old.

Appearance and personality[]


Ena Ayase

Ena is a few years older than Yotsuba and her most frequent playmate. She is sensible for her age and tries to be responsible by recycling and limiting her use of air conditioning. She is a very nice, smart and pleasant person. Her attempts to spare Yotsuba's feelings sometimes lead her to make little white lies, such as praising Yotsuba's childish sketches or letting her believe that Miura's cardboard costume is a real robot named Cardbo (Danbo in the Japanese version), with consequences that rebound on herself and Miura. Ena likes drawing, something at which she is quite skilled, and playing with her teddy bears, either by herself or with Yotsuba. Ena is unsqueamish and even enthusiastic about such things as handling large frogs and gutting live fish. She has shoulder length dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Mr. Ayase thinks that Ena resembles himself.


Ena is 130 cm tall (4'3'').[1]