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Goto-sensei making a cameo as a background character in the anime.

Goto-sensei (後藤先生 Gotō-sensei), first name unknown, is a minor character in Azumanga Daioh and a teacher at the local high school where the story is set. What subject he teaches is unknown. He appears as a middle-aged man with square glasses, and looks rather stern. Goto-sensei has known Yukari ever since she was one of his students herself, and comments on her way of educating several times. He seems to be something of a traditionalist with many views on how teachers should behave and not. He is first seen when remarking on Yukari's friendly relationship with her students, and kindly says that he would like to follow her example, but puts on a frown when he hears that they were discussing what boy in the class they hated the most. When this happens again, Goto-sensei scolds Yukari-sensei and tells her that she has not changed one bit since she was a student. Yukari-sensei responds by saying that she is only pretending to be their friend.

Yukari-sensei frequently discusses the boys she hates together with Kaorin and Chihiro from her class. When Yukari has just been scolded by Goto-sensei, she tells Kaorin and Chihiro that she hates him, and they join in by saying that they do too.