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Yotsuba and Juralumin, from the back cover of volume 9.

Juralumin (ジュラルミン Jurarumin, sometimes translated as Duralumin) is Yotsuba’s teddy bear. Koiwai bought her for Yotsuba when she and Koiwai visited a teddy bear store in volume 9, much to Yotsuba’s happiness as Juralumin was her first stuffed animal ever. The bear is a pale yellow with brown paws, and she has a device inside which makes her able to “talk” when shaken. This usually impresses people Yotsuba shows her to, even Yanda. The name Juralumin comes from Yotsuba’s mispronunciation of Julietta, the name of Ena’s teddy bear. When they were playing Yotsuba would always call Julietta Juralumin, and after Ena had explained that was not the bear’s real name Yotsuba ended up naming her own bear Juralumin instead.

Yotsuba is very attached to her teddy bear, and Mrs. Ayase allowed her to inherit the small wagon Ena used to carry her bear in when she was younger. Yotsuba now uses it to carry Juralumin in. When she rides a hot air balloon, Yotsuba brings Juralumin along and accidentally drops her as the balloon is in flight; bizarrely, Juralumin lands standing straight up on her feet. Yotsuba’s love for Juralumin caused some drama in volume 11, when the bear was first bitten by the scary dog down the street, then lost her ability to talk because she had been washed and dried improperly. Luckily, Asagi – who apparently used to make her own teddy bears – came to the rescue and repaired Juralumin, making Yotsuba happy again.