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Kimura’s wife

Kimura's wife (木村の妻 Kimura no Tsuma) is married to Kimura, a teacher at the high school where the story of Azumanga Daioh is set, and they have a daughter together. The wife's given name is unknown. She is depicted, in Japanese terms, as a stereotypical beauty, having long wavy hair (other examples of this stereotype to be found in anime include Sailor Neptune and Nadeshiko Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura). The incongruity of the unwholesome Kimura being married to such a beautiful (and evidently wholesome) woman is used as a humorous device, with her appearances invariably leading to bemusement and speculation amongst the other characters, who are uncertain whether they ought to conclude that she is a saint to accept him with all his flaws, or an idiot. Like Kimura, she recycles frequently.[citation needed] She seems to have a kind and ditzy personality, such as when she chases a tin can until she hits her head on a lamp-post. She also refers to Kimura's lunch as the "Love Wife Bento (ラブワイフ弁当 Rabu Waifu Bento)", like her husband does, and when her picture is first seen by Tomo et al., Kimura refers to her as "Mai Waifu" (my wife). In the anime, when asked flat out by Tomo why she likes Kimura she responds that she likes how he's cool and good-looking, causing the girls to think she has no taste. She then explains that his style of cool is just currently out of style, comparing it to how '70s trousers are coming back in fashion, having been out of fashion for around 30 years.[citation needed] Tomo, Yomi, and Osaka all internally think that it's a bad and inaccurate parallel, and that she essentially has strange taste.

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Sayaka Ohara


Kaytha Coker

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