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Kokoro's house

The exterior of the Kosaka Residence.

The Kosaka Residence is the home of Kokoro Kosaka and her mother, as well as Akira Warabi after his death and his soul being moved to the body of a stuffed animal.


Kokoro's room[]


Kokoro using a PlayStation in her room.


Kokoro and Wallaby do not always work out as roommates.

Kokoro lives in this room, and after his parents died, so does Warabi. Since his current form is that of a stuffed animal, Kokoro generally treats him rather poorly and tends to let him sleep in the drawer of her bureau. In Kokoro's room is a television, which she seems to use mostly to play video games, after Wallaby got her into them. The PlayStation is in fact Wallaby's property, since she bought it with his money, but she ignores it when he brings it up.

Kokoro's room is frequently visited by Lalilalulala. She appeared the first time to explain to Kokoro about why Warabi didn't go to heaven when he died, and why she mustn't reveal to anyone what really happened to her dead classmate. After that, she often checks on Wallaby to see how he is doing, and asking him if he is happy with his current situation.

Kokoro bath

Kokoro takes a bath.

Emi, who is often babysitten by Kokoro's mother and stays at their house in the meantime, once walked into Kokoro's room when Kokoro was at school and found Wallaby there. Kokoro's mother gave her permission to take the plushie home with her, but after Wallaby chose to tell Emi the truth once at her house, he was returned to Kokoro.


According to Wallaby, Kokoro usually takes a bath at a given time during the evening. When Lalilalulala heard that Kokoro and Wallaby's relationship had been slightly conflicted, she recommended for Wallaby to join Kokoro in her bath. Wallaby seemed happy about this, and entered the bathroom along with Lalilalulala which made Kokoro furious.