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Lalilalulala appears before Kokoro Kosaka.

Lalilalulala (ラリラルララ Rarirarurara), nicknamed Lalila-san (ラリラさん Rarira-san) is Akira Warabi's guardian angel. According to herself, she is a rather low-ranked one, and in order to get promoted for a higher class, she has to bring happiness to people. The subject of this test was Akira Warabi, however the experiment ended up a huge failure since Lalilalulala turned her back on Warabi for just a short period of time, during which he happened to die. Because Lalilalulala didn't want the higher-ups in heaven to find out that Warabi had died, she put his soul in the stuffed wallaby made by Kokoro so that he could rest there before her finding a way for him to return to a human body. However, she later tells Kokoro that she doesn't expect this to happen soon as Wallaby seems to be happy where he is, and his happiness is what she puts first.

Lalila haircut

Lalilalulala's haircut.

Personality-wise, Lalila is very cheerful and slightly naïve. A few chapters into the series, she gets a haircut and is very excited to show it off to Wallaby. Kokoro distrusts her, while Wallaby appears unbiased. Lalila is also fairly mysterious as not much is found out about her throughout the series.