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Magnetron Hamburger (マグネトロンハンバーガー Magunetoron Hanbāgā), or simply Magnetron Burger, is a fictional fast-food restaurant that appears in the Azumanga Daioh manga only. Some of the girls have worked there over summer break.


Year 1[]


Chiyo's employment at Magnetron Burger causes some misunderstandings.

During their first year of high school, Osaka and Chiyo get jobs at this restaurant, to get some extra money. The clerk was initially suspicious because Chiyo seemed far too young to be in high school, but since he came to the conclusion that she must be looking for jobs because she's short of money (ironically enough), he accepted her application anyway, and ended up very satisfied with her work. Sakaki came there to buy the Neco Coneco kombo, but she claimed that she only bought it so she could give it to her cousin. Whether Sakaki really does have a younger cousin is unknown.


Osaka assists Sakaki.

Later on, Tomo asked Osaka if she was going to work at Magnetron Burger again during winter break, but Osaka denied. Tomo asked if it were true that Magnetron used cat meat for their burgers, which surprised Osaka and frightened Sakaki, but Yomi assured them that the rumour was false.

Year 2[]


Tomo working at Magnetron Burger.

Chiyo and Osaka return to their jobs at Magnetron Burger a second time, this time joined by Tomo. The clerk gives Chiyo a raise because he thinks she is a good worker and because it is her second time working there, however he forgets to do the same for Osaka even though she had also worked there before. Tomo is not very serious about her job and makes customers uncomfortable on more than one occasion. It is unknown why neither one of the girls worked at Magnetron Hamburger during their third year.


  • Magnetron5

    The manager of Magnetron Burger praises Chiyo-chan.

    The unnamed manager of Magnetron Burger is a man who appears to be in his forties, has dark hair and glasses. Not much is known about him, except for the fact that he employs workers and runs the restaurant during the girls' two first years of high school.
  • A banner outside the restaurant hints that Magnetron Hamburger or a restaurant right next to it sells teriyaki, however this is never referred to.
  • The appearance, name and even worker costumes being used at Magnetron Burger strongly resemble those of McDonald's, though it is unknown if this restaurant, too, uses a red and yellow color scheme.