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Like many popular Japanese manga and anime series, Azumanga Daioh and later Yotsuba&! have spawned a lot of related merchandise. The series' respective logotypes are often used as trademarks. This is a guide to notable merchandise inspired by the two series.

Azumanga Daioh[]


Different clothes with an Azumanga Daioh theme were made, both featuring the characters based on the series's school uniforms.


Many collectible minifigures have been created based on the Azumanga Daioh characters (often in chibi style), such as Osaka, Chiyo, Chiyo-chichi, Kaorin, Kimura, Kagura, Sakaki, Yukari, and Yomi. They are frequently available from vending machines in Japan. Sometimes, they are sold as keyrings.

Stuffed toys[]

Chibi plushies have also been created, based on such subjects as Kamineko, Chiyo-chichi, Maya, and Neco Coneco, as well as the main girls.

Video games[]

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Many Azumanga Daioh video games were made, three official ones and even more fan-made ones. Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble is an arcade game, while the fan-made games are typically for PC.


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The soundtrack from the anime, as well as new character singles, were released as CDs. In the US, they were released by ADV Music.


A few artbooks and guidebooks were released for the series, but only related to the anime version. The main artbooks are Azumanga Daioh Visual Guide Volume 1 (あずまんが大王 THE ANIMATION ビジュアルブック(1) ISBN 4-8402-2203-7), released on on August 26, 2002, and Volume 2 (あずまんが大王 THE ANIMATION ビジュアルブック(2) ISBN 4-8402-2290-8), released on December 10, 2002, as well as one containing line art from the anime.


Quite a few Azumanga Daioh calendars have been made. The monthly 2002 calendar has Koyomi Mizuhara's picture on it because "Koyomi" can mean "calendar" in Japanese.

Wall scrolls[]

A number of wall scrolls were made, most frequently with motifs from the anime.


Necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


Keychains with motifs from the series.


Wristbands featuring the Azumanga Daioh characters.


Patches with motifs from the series made out of cloth.


There are a few Azumanga Daioh buttons available.


These are pins inspired by Azumanga Daioh.


Five different Azumanga Daioh watches were also produced. The motifs were Tadakichi-san, Kamineko, Chiyo-chichi, the main girls, and Neco Coneco. They could be obtained from "UFO Catcher" arcade machines where the player uses a joystick to control a claw used in an attempt to get prizes.


Four different types of Azumanga Daioh slippers were also produced, with the likeness of the main characters' faces on them. Likewise, they could be obtained from UFO Catcher machines, but they are nowadays mostly found in Japanese second hand shops. They are extremely rare and only come in one size. The motifs are Osaka, Chiyo, Kamineko, and Neco Coneco.


Other Azumanga Daioh-inspired merchandise.



Many minifigures of the Yotsuba&! characters have been made. The character Cardbo or Danbo in particular is popularly found in merchandise, comes in different sizes and appearances, and with or without Miura's (who is wearing the robot costume) head showing.

Phone straps[]

Small Yotsuba&! figures have been sold as phone straps.


Two CDs have been released based on the manga featuring purely instrumental music intended to capture the mood of the series.


Since 2005, both daily and monthly Yotsuba&! calendars have been released every year, with the exception of 2009, when the monthly calendar was omitted.


Other Yotsuba&! merchandise.