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Neco Coneco

The most common version of Neco Coneco.

Neco Coneco (Japanese: ねここねこ "Neko Koneko") is a popular stuffed animal franchise that appears frequently in the world of Azumanga Daioh. Neco Coneco appears to be based on the real life toy franchise Tarepanda. The typical example is a white cat with a white kitten sitting on its head, but it also comes in different versions and sizes, such as a sleeping Neco Coneco[1] or an Iriomote Neco Coneco. Chiyo has also been seen wearing a Neco Coneco T-shirt. Sakaki adores the brand, much as she does all cats. During the class trip to Okinawa, she buys an Iriomote Cat version of Neco Coneco.[2] Chiyo also likes it – at one point she brings a sleeping Neco Coneco to school,[1] and at another Sakaki and Kagura decide to make her a Neco Coneco of their own as a birthday present. However, this ended up a failure because both Sakaki and Kagura are poor at sewing and Chiyo could not even recognize their creation as a Neco Coneco.[3] Conventional romanization spelling of the pronunciation of the brand's name yields "neko koneko" ("neko" Japanese for cat + "koneko" Japanese for "kitten"); however, "Neco Coneco" is often used and creates another joke in itself, Connected Cat.

In episode 24 when Sakaki googles cats online, one of the results is a fictional Neco Coneco website, called Neco Coneco Daisuki (ねここねこ大好き Neko Koneko Daisuki), which translates to "Neco Coneco Love". Its web address is "".

In addition, Neco Conecos are heroes of "Journeys of Neko Koneko" (ねここねこのたび "Neko Koneko no Tabi"), a series of photographs formerly on Azuma's website.[4] A Neco Coneco doll also appeared as a festival booth prize in Yotsuba&!.


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