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Shaggy Beard (Scrubby)

Shaggy Beard, or Scrubby (Japanese: ひげもじゃ Higemojya, lit. "Bearded"), real name unknown, is a quiet young man who owns and runs Sakata Bicycles, the bicycle shop Yotsuba gets her bicycle and helmet from. He gets his nickname from the appearance of his beard, which Yotsuba remarks upon as soon as she meets him. While not much is known about him, he appears to be a rather calm and self-confident person, and when Yotsuba commented on his beard he did not mind it at all.

Shaggy Beard reappears in chapter 54 to conduct the children's float for the neighbourhood festival. He encourages the children to chant louder and louder as they pull the float and Yotsuba more than obliges.