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Shogakukan (小学館 Shōgakukan) is a Japanese publisher of dictionaries, literature, manga, magazines, picture books, light novels, educational books, reference books, DVDs, and other media in Japan. Originally, it was founded as a publishing house specializing in learning magazines that targeted elementary school children and teachers.

Shogakukan founded Shueisha, which also founded Hakusensha. These are three separate companies but are together called the Hitotsubashi Group, one of the largest publishing groups in Japan. Shogakukan is located in the Shogakukan Building in Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, and the other two companies are located in the same ward. Shogakukan was founded on August 8, 1922. The president of the company is Masahiro Ōga, grandson of the company's founder Takeo Ōga. Manga series that have been published by Shogakukan include Detective ConanDoraemonInuYashaMaison IkkokuRanma 1/2, and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Shogakukan is the publisher that released the new 2009 edition of Azumanga Daioh.

Monthly Shōnen Sunday[]

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Azumanga Daioh in Monthly Shōnen Sunday.

Unlike Azumanga Daioh, which was first published in Dengeki Daioh, the anniversary edition comics known as Supplementary Lessons were published in the magazine Monthly Shōnen Sunday (月刊少年サンデー Gekkan Shōnen Sandē), also known as Get the Sun (ゲッサン Gessan), released by Shogakukan. The magazine's premiere was on 12th May 2009, and it was announced in February 2009. Like the older magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday, the monthly version's current editor is Hayashi Masato. The target demographic of the magazine is late teens to early twenties. Besides Kiyohiko Azuma, artists who have debuted new series and stories in this magazine include Yellow Tanabe and Mitsuru Adachi.