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Title: Warabi becomes Wallaby

Published: Approximately December 1998 in Game-jin

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Kokoro chases after the stuffed animal she made when she suddenly trips and falls. The doll asks her to take its hand and reminds her of the event's similarity to a previous occurence when Kokoro fell and Akira Warabi asked her if she was alright, but she just snapped at him. The doll then reveals that it actually is Warabi who has inhabited the body of the doll after his death. He says that he wants Kokoro to take care of him because his parents also died. Kokoro eventually agrees to this and renames Warabi "Wallaby".


  • The chapter is a direct continuation of the previous chapter, so it takes off when Kokoro is running in the hallway.
  • Kokoro and Warabi refer to her making and naming the stuffed animal "Wallaby" which we learned of in the first chapter.
  • Warabi and Kokoro talk about the death of the former's parents.



Cultural References[]


Unanswered Questions[]

  • Why Warabi wasn't in a rush to get to class when Kokoro and her friend Aida were.
  • How Warabi ended up in the body of the stuffed animal is not answered in this chapter.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Kokoro's memory of a scenario where she was carrying a bunch of books and fell to the floor, only to be helped chivalrously by Warabi, is revealed to be false by the latter: In fact she was in a hurry to get to class, fell, and yelled at the innocent Warabi who was just standing next to her and had nothing to do with her falling.
  • The stuffed animal reveals its true identity – the new body of Warabi – to Kokoro, and it is decided that he will now stay at Kokoro's house.


16px-Quote1 Don't turn it into pretty memories at your whim. The truth is … [starts telling story] 16px-Quote2
Warabi (to Kokoro) [irritably]

16px-Quote1 But your face doesn't look like from someone who's been through such a lot … 16px-Quote2
Kokoro (to Warabi)

16px-Quote1 Shut up, will ya? From today on you are Wallaby! Because it took me a whole night thinking of this name. 16px-Quote2
Kokoro (to Warabi, when he has objections about her calling him Wallaby)