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Title: Lalilalulala

Published: Approximately February 1999 in Game-jin

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Wallaby comes to Kokoro's house. Kokoro suggests that she should show him off to the rest of the class the following day, but Wallaby explains that she cannot do that because an angel told him not to reveal himself to anyone except for Kokoro. The angel then appears, and explains the details concerning why Warabi's soul wasn't taken into heaven but remained on earth in the body of the stuffed animal. Wallaby is grateful towards Lalilalulala, the angel, but Kokoro gets suspicious.


  • Kokoro talking about introducing Wallaby to their class and letting them know that he is in fact Warabi.
  • Lalilalulala talks about Warabi's death and how she put his soul inside the stuffed animal.



Cultural References[]


Unanswered Questions[]

  • What really would happen if the higher-ups in heaven found out that Warabi had died.
  • Why Lalilalulala parted her eyes from Warabi.
  • In what way Warabi could possibly be turned back into a human.
  • What Lalilalulala's true intentions are.

Memorable Moments[]

  • The first appearance of Lalilalulala.
  • It is explained why Wallaby's true identity must remain a secret, that Lalilalulala in fact hoped to get promoted by bringing happiness to Warabi (but failed), and that she will now try and find a way to make him a human again.


16px-Quote1 How cruel! Stuffing me in the bag like tha … Ah! 16px-Quote2
Wallaby (to Kokoro, when she puts him in her drawer)
16px-Quote1 In this test, I am to conduct Warabi-san through a path of good fortune. Troublesomely however, in the small lapse in which I parted my eyes from Warabi-san … He ended up dying. 16px-Quote2
Lalilalulala (to Kokoro)
16px-Quote1 Really, this one smells fishy … 16px-Quote2
Kokoro (on Lalilalulala)