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This is the only chapter in black and white.

Title: Sunday Pastimes

Published: Approximately April 1999 in Game-jin

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Kokoro and Wallaby discuss the conditions under which they will be living together. Wallaby says he would like to play games when she is not around. Kokoro agrees to buy a PlayStation with Wallaby's money, but to his surprise, ends up using it more herself.


  • Kokoro tries to summarize the events leading to Wallaby staying at her house, and Wallaby says that she makes her memories seem embellished and much less complicated when she retells them.
  • Wallaby says he got his bank card from Lalilalulala, who was introduced in the previous chapter, and once again, Kokoro calls her suspicious.



Cultural References[]

  • Upon Wallaby's insistence, Kokoro buys a PlayStation.
  • Kokoro mentions Hidekazu Yukawa's console Dreamcast. Yukawa was the Japanese video game company Sega's Senior Managing Director during the period of time when Dreamcast was released, and he frequently appeared in commercials comparing Dreamcast to PlayStation and making Dreamcast appear as the superior one, convincing lots of people that he was right.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Why Lalilalulala had Wallaby's bank card.
  • What kind of clothes Kokoro bought.
  • If Kokoro really did visit a friend's house like she said she would before she bought the PlayStation.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Kokoro wants Wallaby to act more like a stuffed animal since that makes it more fun, including calling her Kokoro-chan instead of Kosaka-san and adding "-walla" at the end of sentences, but Wallaby passes on the last proposition.
  • Wallaby wants Kokoro to buy a PlayStation for him, which she does. She says she is not interested in games but ends up getting addicted.


16px-Quote1 You really like to embellish your memories too much, Kosaka-san. 16px-Quote2
Wallaby (to Kokoro)
16px-Quote1 You could also add a cute "-walla" at the end of sentences. Like "Good morning-walla!" or "I'm Wallaby-walla". 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 How mean, Kokoro-chan! Instead of buying just the PS, you also bought clothes and stuff. With my money … 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 Ahh! She's selecting the 1-player mode! Hey … I'm the one who's supposed to play with it … And you said you didn't like games … 16px-Quote2
Wallaby (to Kokoro)