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Title: Are you happy?

Published: Approximately July 1999 in Game-jin

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Kokoro plays games and is upset by Wallaby. Then Lalilalulala shows up, shows off her new haircut, and asks Wallaby if he is happy, which he seems unsure of.


  • Kokoro plays video games again and Wallaby notes how much she seems to enjoy it, even though she said she didn't like games before.
  • When Kokoro says she "allows" Wallaby to use the PS, he notes that it is in fact his because she bought it for him with his money.
  • Earlier, Lalilalulala said she would try to turn Wallaby back into a human, and here he asks her how it's going.



Cultural References[]

Kokoro plays PlayStation again.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • What kind of game it is that Kokoro is playing, featuring the bunny named Mimippi.
  • What words Wallaby wanted to teach Mimippi.
  • Why Lalilalulala cut her hair.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Wallaby remarks that the bunny video game character that Kokoro is crazy about looks like him, causing her to hit him.
  • Lalilalulala's mysterious visit.


16px-Quote1 Kokoro-chan has really got into games. 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 DON'T YOU DARE MAKING FUN OF MIMIPPI!! 16px-Quote2
Kokoro (to Wallaby)
16px-Quote1 Oh! Did you notice it!? You did!? Just cut it a little! So!? Is it good? Is it cute? Elegant? 16px-Quote2
Lalilalulala, asking for Wallaby's opinions on her haircut
16px-Quote1 Pinch … Ahahahaha … 16px-Quote2
Wallaby (on the possibility of pinching Mimippi in the game)
16px-Quote1 You poor thing … How mean … 16px-Quote2
Kokoro (when Wallaby had pinched Mimippi)