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Title: It's alright

Published: Approximately November 1999 in Game-jin

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When Wallaby is playing games, Lalilalulala enters the room and asks him if he's happy, to which he replies that he is not. Lalila, shocked, tries to remedy the situation by encouraging Wallaby to join Kokoro in her bath. However, when Kokoro notices Wallaby's excitement over seeing her naked, she hits him and he faints. Then Lalilalulala decides that she will let Wallaby stay in his current body because to her, him being happy is more important than him being human. This upsets Kokoro, who tries to argue with her, but Lalilalulala leaves without changing her mind. Kokoro tries to make Wallaby agree with her about Lalila's behaviour being strange, but Wallaby is still passed out and cannot reply.


  • Wallaby says he was beaten by Kokoro again, and talks about her locking him up in her drawer.
  • Wallaby mentions Kokoro usually taking a bath at a specific time. She also took a bath in the previous chapter.
  • Lalilalulala talks about how "the people up there" are monitoring the feelings of happiness of people, and how Warabi abandoned his human body.



Cultural References[]

Wallaby playing video games.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • What game Wallaby is playing.
  • Why Lalilalulala is so happy.
  • What Lalilalulala's motives are for suddenly deciding she will let Warabi stay in his stuffed animal body.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Wallaby admitting that he is not exactly happy with his current situation.
  • Kokoro starts questioning her violent behaviour.
  • Lalilalulala's decision, which shows that she cares more about her promotion than about Warabi's well-being.


16px-Quote1 Why is it that I always get mad like that? And start hitting … 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!? 16px-Quote2
Kokoro (to Lalilalulala, when she suggested that Kokoro should bathe with Wallaby)
16px-Quote1 Look, aren't there a lot of troubles with being human? Cravings? Stuff like that, right? When Warabi-san abandoned his body, he was freed from all that! By abandoning his body he achieved an amazing happiness … That's it! Ah … It's like that! 16px-Quote2
Lalilalulala (to Kokoro)