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Title: Wallaby

Published: Approximately July 2000 in Game-jin

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Kokoro finds out that her mother gave Wallaby to Emi. At her house, Emi plays with Wallaby in a violent way, but he also gets to bathe with her and her mother which makes him feel as if he were already in heaven. Wallaby wonders if Kokoro is relieved that she doesn't have to take care of him anymore. Emi decides to name her new toy "Orangey", since he is orange, and says that they will always be together, which makes him remember when he was first taken care of by Kokoro. He finally reveals to Emi that he must go back to Kokoro, and Emi accepts this, giving Kokoro Wallaby when she somewhat ashamedly rides her bike to Emi's house so she can retrieve her doll. The moment of seeing one another again causes some tension between Kokoro and Wallaby, but seeing as she decided she would try to be nicer, she suggests that he could come with her when she visited her friend's school, which Wallaby accepts.


  • Kokoro and her mother talk about how Wallaby was given to Emi.
  • Wallaby notices that Emi is also quite violent, just like Kokoro. They also have the same inability to be creative when naming something.
  • Wallaby thinks about Kokoro's reaction to him disappearing, and has a flashback about his first time spent with Kokoro after dying.
  • Kokoro decides to let Wallaby come when she visits the cultural festival at her friend's school, since she didn't let him come earlier on similar occasions.



Cultural References[]

  • Emi tries to give Wallaby "divine punishment," though she does not really understand it. She does this because she keeps referring to him as "an evil ogre."
  • Kokoro mentions the cultural festival at her friend's school. This leads into her and Wallaby's cameo in Azumanga Daioh, in which she visits the stall manned by Osaka and Sakaki.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • If Wallaby revealing himself to Emi didn't have any negative consequences such as those that Lalilalulala briefly mentioned earlier, and what he said to Emi that convinced her of giving him back to Kokoro without scaring her too much.
  • What happened after the conclusion of the series, which is in this chapter (aside from Kokoro and Wallaby visiting the cultural festival, which was seen in Azumanga Daioh). It is never revealed if Warabi regained his human form or what the future looks like for him and Kokoro.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Wallaby being torn between wanting to go back to Kokoro and the advantages of staying with Emi instead.
  • Wallaby's decision to reveal himself to Emi and his final reunion with Kokoro. Emi gives the doll back to her older relative willingly.
  • Kokoro finally attempting to be nicer to Wallaby.


16px-Quote1 Are there so much violent people in Kokoro-chan's family? 16px-Quote2
Wallaby (on Emi's behaviour)
16px-Quote1 Is this happiness …!? Am I in heaven already!? 16px-Quote2
Wallaby (after bathing with Emi and her mother) [blushing]
16px-Quote1 Ah, I have to give you a name, Ogre-san! I'll call you Orangey, since you are orange! 16px-Quote2
Emi (to Wallaby)
16px-Quote1 Damn it! I came here on an impetus, but what can I say now … Asking for a stuffed doll back doesn't sound very grown-up … Well … 16px-Quote2
Kokoro (when she has arrived at Emi's house)
16px-Quote1 Tomorrow is the cultural festival at a friend's school. Do you want me to take you? 16px-Quote2
Kokoro (to Wallaby)