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Wonderland is an Azumanga Daioh fansite, the longest-running in the Western fan community of the series. It was established in January 2003 by a user named Anna. "Wonderland" is a reference to a line from the anime's opening song, Soramimi Cake.

The contents of the page include an introduction to the Azumanga Daioh anime, short episode summaries, character profiles, quotes, official artwork and fan art, fanmade diaries of some of the characters, and a forum for discussions related to the series. While the site has not been updated since 2005, there has been more activity in the forums, and the site remains recognized as one of the first of many websites dedicated to Azumanga Daioh to follow.

The website shut down in late 2014 but has since been archived by users over at Forkheads, with almost everything being restored.

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