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Yotsuba&! Volume 1

よつばと! 第01巻

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On the last day of the spring semester, Yotsuba and her father Koiwai move into their new house and meet the neighboring Ayase girls, Asagi, Fuuka, and Ena. As the Koiwais settle in, they encounter problems, including a broken bathroom lock and Yotsuba needing to learn about polite greetings, air conditioners, and the proper uses of doorbells. Fuuka offers the Koiwais her family's old television, and when Koiwai's friend Jumbo helps carry it, the Ayases are impressed by his height. For other household goods, Koiwai takes Yotsuba shopping at a department store for the first time. Jumbo takes Yotsuba and Ena cicada-catching, and they return to show off their catch to Mrs. Ayase. The next day, after Fuuka helps Yotsuba bring in the Koiwais' forgotten laundry, Yotsuba plays in the rain.


  • 1. "Yotsuba & Moving" (よつばとひっこし, "Yotsuba to Hikkoshi")
    • Story date: 19 July [1]
  • 2. "Yotsuba & Manners" (よつばとあいさつ, "Yotsuba to Aisatsu", "Yotsuba & Greetings")
    • Story date: 20 July (morning)
  • 3. "Yotsuba & Global Warming" (よつばと地球温暖化, "Yotsuba to Chikyū-Ondanka")
    • Story date: 20 July (afternoon)
  • 4. "Yotsuba & TV" (よつばとテレビ, "Yotsuba to Terebi")
    • Story date: 21 July
  • 5. "Yotsuba & Shopping" (よつばとかいもの, "Yotsuba to Kaimono")
    • Story date: 22 July
  • 6. "Yotsuba & Cicadas" (よつばとせみとり, "Yotsuba to Semitori", "Yotsuba & Cicada-Catching")
    • Story date: 24 July
  • 7. "Yotsuba & Rain" (よつばとおおあめ, "Yotsuba to Ō-Ame", "Yotsuba & Rainstorms")
    • Story date: 25 July


  1. All story dates - Azuma, Kiyohiko (2006). Yotsuba&! Illustrations and Materials (in Japanese). Tokyo: ASCII Media Works.

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