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Yotsuba&! Volume 2

よつばと! 第02巻

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Yotsuba tags along when Ena and her friend Miura go drawing in the park. After watching a gangster movie, Yotsuba takes revenge on the Ayases with her water pistol. The next day, Mrs. Ayase sends Ena, Miura, and Yotsuba to buy cake from a bakery. After working all night on a deadline, Koiwai falls asleep, leaving Yotsuba to watch the house on her own. In a failed attempt to get closer to Asagi, Jumbo takes Yotsuba, Fuuka, and Ena swimming at the pool. When Yotsuba catches a bullfrog, Ena adores it but Miura is frightened of it. Asagi returns from an Okinawa vacation with souvenirs for her family—and leftover sata andagi for Yotsuba.


  • 8. "Yotsuba & Drawing" (よつばとおえかき "Yotsuba to Oekaki")
    • Story date: 27 July [1]
  • 9. "Yotsuba & Revenge" (よつばと復讐 "Yotsuba to Fukushū")
    • Story date: 30 July
  • 10. "Yotsuba & Cake" (よつばとケーキ "Yotsuba to Kēki")
    • Story date: 31 July
  • 11. "Yotsuba & "No Bother" (よつばとどんまい "Yotsuba to Donmai", "Yotsuba & 'Don't Mind'")
    • Story date: 4 August
  • 12. "Yotsuba & Pools" (よつばとプール "Yotsuba to Pūru")
    • Story date: 7 August
  • 13. "Yotsuba & the Frog" (よつばとかえる "Yotsuba to Kaeru")
    • Story date: 8 August
  • 14. "Asagi & Souvenirs" (あさぎのおみやげ "Asagi no Omiyage", "Asagi's Omiyage")
    • Story date: 9 August


  1. All story dates - Azuma, Kiyohiko (2006). Yotsuba&! Illustrations and Materials (in Japanese). Tokyo: ASCII Media Works.

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