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Yotsuba&! Volume 4

よつばと! 第04巻

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To give Miura a "summer vacation memory," Jumbo takes her, Yotsuba, and Ena fishing. Koiwai and Yotsuba go shopping for dinner, but he forgets his wallet and they must borrow money from Fuuka. When Fuuka sees the boy she likes with another girl, Yotsuba tries to understand, then console, her broken heart. After Ena takes Yotsuba to radio exercises for the first time, she invites Yotsuba over for breakfast, where Yotsuba decides to become a newspaperman. Her career ends, however, when The Yotsuba Times publishes the secret of Fuuka's heartbreak to the rest of the family. After dreaming of being a tsukutsukubōshi, Yotsuba dresses up as one, only to learn that they are not summer-ending fairies but a type of cicada.


  • 22. "Yotsuba & Challenges" (よつばと勝負 "Yotsuba to Shōbu")
    • Story date: 18 August [1]
  • 23. "Yotsuba & Fishing" (よつばと釣り "Yotsuba to Tsuri")
    • Story date: 19 August
  • 24. "Yotsuba & Dinner" (よつばとばんごはん "Yotsuba to Bangohan")
    • Story date: 20 August
  • Intermission. "Yotsuba & Four-Panel Manga" (休憩 よつばと4コマ "Kyūkei - Yotsuba to Yon-Koma")
    • Story date: Several days
  • 25. "Yotsuba & the Bloom of Youth" (よつばとせいしゅん "Yotsuba to Seishun", "Yotsuba & Adolescence")
    • Story date: 21 August
  • 26. "Yotsuba & Newspapers" (よつばとしんぶん "Yotsuba to Shinbun")
    • Story date: 22 August
  • 27. "Yotsuba & Tsukutsukuboshi" [2] (よつばとつくつくぼうし "Yotsuba to Tsukutsukubōshi")
    • Story date: 24 August


  1. All story dates - Azuma, Kiyohiko (2006). Yotsuba&! Illustrations and Materials (in Japanese). Tokyo: ASCII Media Works.
  2. Tsukutsukubōshi is a species of Japanese cicada (Meimuna opalifera), named onomatopoetically after its call.

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