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Yotsuba&! Volume 5

よつばと! 第05巻

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When Ena and Miura make a robot costume out of cardboard boxes, Yotsuba believes is a real robot, and Ena refuses to let Miura crush her dreams by telling her the truth. Yotsuba helps Mrs. Ayase with household chores and then meets Koiwai's kōhai, Yanda, whom she instantly dislikes. To help with Ena's homework, Jumbo takes her, Miura, Yotsuba, and Fuuka stargazing. During rainy day errands, Yotsuba misinterprets Koiwai's excuse for not going to the ocean, "There'll be jellyfish!" as a promise to go see the jellyfish, and invites Ena and Fuuka along. When she throws a tantrum, he gives in and the four spend the afternoon at the beach.


  • 28. "Yotsuba & Cardbo" (よつばとダンボー "Yotsuba to Danbō", "Yotsuba & Danbo")
    • Story date: 25 August [1]
  • 29. "Yotsuba & Helping" (よつばとてつだい "Yotsuba to Tetsudai")
    • Story date: 26 August
  • 30. "Yotsuba & Yanda" (よつばとやんだ "Yotsuba to Yanda")
    • Story date: 27 August
  • 31. "Yotsuba & Stars" (よつばとほし "Yotsuba to Hoshi")
    • Story date: 28 August
  • 32. "Yotsuba & Rain" (よつばとあめ "Yotsuba to Ame")
    • Story date: 29 August
  • 33. "Yotsuba & Sunny Skies" (よつばとはれ "Yotsuba to Hare", "Yotsuba & clear weather")
    • Story date: 30 August (morning)
  • 34. "Yotsuba & the Beach" (よつばとうみ "Yotsuba to Umi", "Yotsuba & the sea")
    • Story date: 30 August (daytime)


  1. All story dates - Azuma, Kiyohiko (2006). Yotsuba&! Illustrations and Materials (in Japanese). Tokyo: ASCII Media Works.

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