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Yotsuba&! Volume 6

よつばと! 第06巻

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  • Release date (ADV Manga): February 2008 (delayed/cancelled)


On the last day of summer vacation, as Miura desperately finishes her homework, Yotsuba gives herself the assignment of constructing a utility shirt out of recycled materials. Koiwai takes Yotsuba shopping for a bicycle. After a few falls, she learns to ride it and uses it to accompany Asagi and Torako on an errand. Yotsuba tries out more careers, first as an office worker by writing memos, then as a milkman, delivering a bottle of milk to Fuuka at her high school. For riding off without permission, Koiwai takes away her bicycle privileges, but after she helps him and Jumbo build some bookshelves, he restores them.


  • 35. "Yotsuba & Recycling" (よつばとリサイクル "Yotsuba to Risaikuru")
    • Story date: 31 August [1]
  • 36. "Yotsuba & Bicycles" (よつばとじてんしゃ "Yotsuba to Jitensha")
    • Story date: 1 September [2]
  • 37. "Yotsuba & Pottering Around" (よつばとポタリング "Yotsuba to Potaringu")
    • Story date: 2 September [3]
  • 38. "Yotsuba & Friday" (よつばときんようび "Yotsuba to Kin'yōbi")
    • Story date: 5 September [4]
  • 39. "Yotsuba & Milk" (よつばとぎゅうにゅう "Yotsuba to Gyūnyū")
    • Story date: 7 September [5]
  • 40. "Yotsuba & Delivering" (よつばとはいたつ "Yotsuba to Haitatsu")
    • Story date: 8 September [6]
  • 41. "Yotsuba & the Bookshelf" (よつばとほんだな "Yotsuba to Hondana")
    • Story date: 11 September [7]


  1. Date is shown on a calendar.
  2. Koiwai says, "September starts today," and Yotsuba changes all the calendar pages.
  3. The day after chapter 36: Yotsuba's bicycle was "just bought" the day before.
  4. Takes place on the next Friday.
  5. Takes place on Sunday, with Mr. Ayase at home for the weekend, and chapter 39 takes place the next day on a school day.
  6. The day after chapter 39, and a school day.
  7. Takes place on Jumbo's day off, so is the Thursday before chapter 43.

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