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Yotsuba&! Volume 7

よつばと! 第07巻

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Ena and Miura show Yotsuba how to make a paper-cup telephone, which they string between Koiwai's office and Fuuka's bedroom, and then take her on a bike ride to the playground of their elementary school. Because of Yotsuba's continuing interest in how milk is produced, Koiwai plans a trip to a farm, but this is put off when she gets a fever. Yotsuba helps Fuuka and a classmate bake an elaborate cake as practice for their school cultural festival. When Koiwai wants instant ramen for lunch, Yotsuba insists on running the errand by herself for the first time. Koiwai, Jumbo, and Yanda take Yotsuba on her long-delayed farm visit, where she meets sheep and learns how to milk a cow.


  • 42. "Yotsuba & Telephones" (よつばとでんわ "Yotsuba to Denwa")
    • Story date: Uncertain (between 12-14 September)
  • 43. "Yotsuba & Respect for the Aged Day" (よつばとけいろうのひ "Yotsuba to Keirō no Hi") [1]
    • Story date: 15 September [2]
  • 44. "Yotsuba & Fever" (よつばとねつ "Yotsuba to Netsu")[3].
    • Story date: 18 September [4]
  • 45. "Yotsuba & the Pâtissier" (よつばとぱちしえ "Yotsuba to Pachishie") [5]
    • Story date: Uncertain (Between 19-24 September)
  • 46. "Yotsuba & Errands" (よつばとおつかい "Yotsuba to Otsukai")
    • Story date: Uncertain (Between 19-24 September)
  • 47. "Yotsuba & Taking Off" (よつばとしゅっぱつ "Yotsuba to Shuppatsu") [6]
    • Story date: 25 September (morning) [7]
  • 48. "Yotsuba & the Ranch" (よつばとぼくじょう "Yotsuba to Bokujō") [8]
    • Story date: 25 September (daytime) [9]


  1. Serialized in Dengeki Daioh as よつばと敬老の日, which is the same title written in kanji.
  2. Date, shown on a calendar, of Respect for the Aged Day in a common year starting on Wednesday.
  3. Serialized in Dengeki Daioh as "Yotsuba and Farm" (よつばとぼくじょ "Yotsuba to Bokujo", with the last word misspelled)
  4. Chapters 47 and 48 take place one week later, on Jumbo's next regular Thursday off.
  5. Serialized in Dengeki Daioh as よつばとパティシエ; ぱちしえ is small child's pronunciation of パティシエ.
  6. Serialized in Dengeki Daioh as "Yotsuba and the Farm" (よつばとぼくじょう "Yotsuba to Bokujō").
  7. Yanda says, "Today is 25 September."
  8. Serialized in Dengeki Daioh as "Yotsuba and the Farm!" (よつばとぼくじょう! "Yotsuba to Bokujō!").
  9. Starts soon after the end of chapter 47.

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