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Yotsuba&! Volume 8

よつばと! 第08巻

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Still excited from her trip to the dairy farm, Yotsuba brings the Ayases a souvenir of butter toffees and is fascinated by Mrs. Ayase's mail-order catalog. The next day, Mrs. Ayase tells Koiwai about the cart-pulling festival the following week, while Yotsuba confuses him with her "opposites game." When he takes Yotsuba out for lunch, Yotsuba runs into Torako and manages to order for herself. Yotsuba and Koiwai attend the cultural festival at Fuuka's high school, where Yotsuba is disappointed with the plain pound cake her class serves. Yotsuba is excited by her first typhoon, and insists on going next door in the torrential downpour. When Fuuka warns her that she will fly away in the wind, Yotsuba goes back outside to test this. Jumbo babysits Yotsuba while Koiwai is out, and when Yanda shows up to eat his instant ramen, he helps Yotsuba defends the house from the "intruder". Yotsuba and Ena help pull a children's cart in the aforementioned festival, where Yotsuba is visibly impressed by the happi, the taiko drum, Jumbo's tengu costume, exposed butts, and the amount of candy she receives. Koiwai takes Yotsuba shopping for autumn clothes, but when they pass a park she insists on collecting as many acorns as she can.


  • 49. "Yotsuba & Opposites" (よつばとあべこべ "Yotsuba to Abekobe")
    • Story date: 26 September
  • 50. "Yotsuba & the Restaurant" (よつばとれすとらん "Yotsuba to Resutoran")
    • Story date: 27 September [1]
  • 51. "Yotsuba & the Cultural Festival" (よつばと文化祭 "Yotsuba to Bunkasai")
    • Story date: 28 September [2]
  • 52. "Yotsuba & the Typhoon" (よつばとたいふう "Yotsuba to Taifū")
    • Story date: Weekday, date uncertain (Between 29 September to 1 October)
  • 53. "Yotsuba & Watching the House" (よつばとるすばん "Yotsuba to Rusuban")
    • Story date: 2 October [3]
  • 54. "Yotsuba & the Festival" (よつばとおまつり "Yotsuba to Omatsuri")[4]
    • Story date: 4 October [5]
  • 55. "Yotsuba & Acorns" (よつばとどんぐり "Yotsuba to Donguri")
    • Story date: 6 October [6]


  1. Chapter 49 and chapter 50 are another days and the festival takes place the next week.
  2. In chapter 50, Yotsuba says Fuka's Culture Festival is "tomorrow".
  3. Thursday between Chapter 48 and 59. Takes place on Jumbo's day off, so is a Thursday.
  4. Serialized over two months as "Part 1" and "Part 2" in Dengeki Daioh.
  5. Saturday between Chapter 48 and 59. Yotsuba says "Today is Saturday"; in chapter 50, the festival is to be "next week".
  6. In Chapter 54, the festival is said to last another day.

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