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Yotsuba&! Volume 9

よつばと! 第09巻

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While Koiwai works, Yotsuba plans out a schedule for the day, but immediately falls behind and plays with her acorns instead. The next day, Koiwai takes Yotsuba shopping for a coffee maker at a mall, and while there buys Yotsuba her first teddy bear, which she names Juralumin. The next day, she shows Juralumin to Mrs. Ayase, who gives Yotsuba Ena's old wagon to carry it in. To help Fuuka study, Yotsuba brings her a mug of her father's coffee, but spills it on the table. One of Jumbo's customers invites him to her yakiniku shop's half-off night, and he brings Yanda and Koiwai along. When Yotsuba again drops the coffee she tries to bring to Fuuka, the Ayase sisters visit her house. While there, they clean up and Asagi invites Yotsuba and Koiwai along to a hot air balloon festival the next day. The Koiwais, Asagi, Ena, and Torako get up before dawn to drive to the festival, where they watch the balloons inflate and take off on a race. After breakfast, they ride in a balloon, play with hand helicopters, and collect candy thrown by a paraglider.


  • 56. "Yotsuba & Schedules" (よつばとよてい "Yotsuba to Yotei")
    • Story date: 7 October [1]
  • 57. "Yotsuba & Juralumin" (よつばとジュラルミン "Yotsuba to Jurarumin")
    • Story date: 8 October[2]
  • 58. "Yotsuba & Coffee" (よつばとコーヒー "Yotsuba to Kōhī")
    • Story date: 9 October[3]
  • 59. "Yotsuba & Yakiniku" (よつばとやきにく "Yotsuba to Yakiniku")[4]
    • Story date: 10 October[5]
  • 60. "Yotsuba & the Visitor" (よつばとらいきゃく "Yotsuba to Raikyaku")
    • Story date: 11 or 12 October[6]
  • 61. "Yotsuba & Hot Air Balloons" (よつばとききゅう "Yotsuba to Kikyū")
    • Story date: 12 or 13 October (morning)[7]
  • 62. "Yotsuba & the Sky" (よつばとそら "Yotsuba to Sora")[8]
    • Story date: 12 or 13 October (afternoon)[9]


  1. Volume 9 covers about a week of story time starting from 7 October. This was revealed in Kiyohiko Azuma's website on 23 November 2009, when he was discussing volume 9. [1] (in Japanese)
  2. Another day, so therefore 8 October.
  3. The next day: Ena apologizes for scolding Yotsuba in the previous chapter.
  4. Serialized in Dengeki Daioh with "yakiniku" written in kanji, as "焼き肉."
  5. The poster at the yakiniku restaurant, Juu Juu, says that 10 October is the day of the half-price offer ("10 10" is pronounced juu juu).
  6. In chapter 61, which takes place on the next day, Torako's flier says the balloon festival is on the 11th, 12th, and 13th. Ena mentions that today is part of a three-day weekend, so this chapter takes place on Saturday the 11th or Sunday the 12th.
  7. During the previous chapter, the outing was planned for "tomorrow."
  8. Serialized in Dengeki Daioh with the same title as the previous chapter.
  9. Starts soon after the end of chapter 61.

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