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Yotsuba&! Volume 10

よつばと! 第10巻

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While Koiwai works, Yotsuba plays house with her wooden blocks, then talks her father into a game of hide and seek and playing on the swings in the park. Inspired by a picture book, Yotsuba learns how to cook pancakes from her father, with assistance from Yanda. That evening, the Koiwais show Jumbo photographs from the hot air balloon festival. While her father finishes an assignment, Jumbo babysits Yotsuba and gives her a book about animals. The next day, Jumbo takes the Koiwais shopping for a digital camera. While the adults compare cameras, Yotsuba explores the electronics store with Fuuka. When Yotsuba lies about breaking some dishes, Koiwai takes her to a guardian Niō statue at a Buddhist temple to scare the "lying bug" out of her. When Yotsuba and Ena visit Miura's apartment, Yotsuba is upset when she sees her empty cardboard robot costume. To reassure her that the robot is not dead, Miura puts the costume on and plays with her in the park.


  • 63. "Yotsuba & Playtime" (よつばとあそぶ "Yotsuba to Asobu")
    • Story date: 13 or 14 October[1]
  • 64. "Yotsuba & Pancakes" (よつばとホットケーキ "Yotsuba to Hottokēki")
    • Story date: 15 October[2]
  • 65. "Yotsuba & Jumbo" (よつばとジャンボ "Yotsuba to Janbo")
    • Story date: 15 October (later that day)[3]
  • 66. "Yotsuba & the Electronics Store" (よつばとでんきや "Yotsuba to Denkiya")
    • Story date: 16 October[4]
  • 67. "Yotsuba & Home Appliances" (よつばとかでん "Yotsuba to Kaden")[5]
    • Story date: 16 October (the same day)[6]
  • 68. "Yotsuba & Lies" (よつばとうそ "Yotsuba to Uso")
    • Story date: date uncertain (Between 17-19 October)
  • 69. "Yotsuba & the Re-encounter" (よつばと再会 "Yotsuba to Saikai")[7]
    • Story date: date uncertain (Between 17-19 October)


  1. A schoolday, and so a weekday.
  2. Chapter 65 takes place later the same day.
  3. Yotsuba cooked the pancakes of chapter 64 "today".
  4. In chapter 65, Jumbo promised to come back "tomorrow" to shop for the camera. Jumbo's day off, so a Thursday. The only Thursday between chapter 60 and chapter 70 is the 16th.
  5. Serialized in Dengeki Daioh as "Yotsuba & the Electronics Store Part II" (よつばとでんきや 後編 "Yotsuba to Denkiya Kōhen").
  6. Starts immediately after the end of chapter 66.
  7. Serialized over two months as "Part 1" and "Part 2" in Dengeki Daioh.

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