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Yotsuba&! Volume 11

よつばと! 第11巻

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Yotsuba goes to an udon shop without her father's knowledge, and is allowed to watch udon being made. After getting a pizza menu in the mail, the Koiwais order a couple, though one turns out to be too much for Yotsuba to hold. After an announcement of an upcoming camping trip, Yanda arrives with various bubble-blowing devices, which Yotsuba, Koiwai, Jumbo and Yanda play inside, then outside, with. Yotsuba, Fuuka, and Fuuka's classmate from chapter 45 go to a shrine to pick chestnuts, and Yotsuba learns about burr covers and bug infestations. Koiwai gives Yotsuba her own camera, which she uses to go around taking pictures of people. Yotsuba meets Miura at her apartment building, and they go to meet Ena at the Ayases' house. On the way, a dog grabs Yotsuba's teddy bear Juralumin and shakes it, making it smell like dog's saliva, so they wash it and dry it at the Ayases'. As a result, the bear's ability to speak is broken, so Asagi offers to repair it overnight. Yotsuba spends much of the intervening time sulking about Juralumin's absence until Yanda finally gets a reaction out of her. She goes to the Ayases', where she finds Juralumin repaired.


  • 70. "Yotsuba & Udon" (よつばとうどん "Yotsuba to Udon")
    • Story date: 20 October[1]
  • 71. "Yotsuba & Pizza" (よつばとピザ "Yotsuba to Piza")
    • Story date: date uncertain (21 or 22 October)
  • 72. "Yotsuba & Soap Bubbles" (よつばとしゃぼんだま "Yotsuba to Shabondama")
    • Story date: 23 October[2]
  • 73. "Yotsuba & Harvest of Chestnuts" (よつばとくりひろい "Yotsuba to Kurihiroi")
    • Story date: 25 or 26 October[3]
  • 74. "Yotsuba & Cameras" (よつばとカメラ "Yotsuba to Kamera")
    • Story date: date uncertain
  • 75. "Yotsuba & Friends" (よつばとともだち "Yotsuba to Tomodachi")
    • Story date: date uncertain
  • 76. "Yotsuba & ..." (よつばと… "Yotsuba to ...")
    • Story date: date uncertain[4]


  1. Mentioned in Kiyohiko Azuma's Twitter account on 25 November 2011. [1] (in Japanese)
  2. Jumbo's day off, so a Thursday.
  3. Fuuka is not in school, so a weekend.
  4. What we only know from this chapter is that it took place on a weekday and a schoolday.

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